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... sed by klebsiella spp. i was prescribed cenox,vitapro. though initially, these drugs reduce the pain but they never make it go. i have even taken cefunat and the burning pain is still present. it doesnt pain when i have an erection or doing a body activity i.e walking,running only when i am still or about to sleep. ... (0 replies)
... Then burning on balls. Veins more pronounced. Then rash on thighs. And burning on thighs. Subsides every now and again, but that only lasts a few days. Whole groin burns. ... (4 replies)
... with the pain. At 17 I hope he does not have the chronic form. ... (6 replies)

... o heal. they all are convinced that it's not an std. But that i may be allergic to something. It's not warts. it doesn't look like warts at all. it's been a burning sensation on my testes and penis head. no itch. just a few tiny tiny bumps here and ther. it started with tiny bumps then manifested itself into burning. ... (4 replies)
Chronic problem
Sep 16, 2009
... This is when the fun began. I started to have strange radiating pain in my perineum, my penis and my testicle.I go 3 to 4 days ok and then 2 or 3 days of pain. Miserable pain. ... (100 replies)
... y permanent resolution, presumably because they do not reach the deep tissue. Applying standard rubbing alcohol to the skin results in intolerable, excruciating burning pain. ... (82 replies)
... I never had warts. I"ve had this for about 6 months now. It started with little bumps on the shaft of my penis about 4 days after a sexual encounter. Only noticable when erect. They weren't wart like or blister like. Same colour as my skin. ... (114 replies)
... then a couple days after that 5 or so bumps on the base of the shaft of my penis appeared. Visible without the skin being stretched otherwise i wouldn't have noticed. They were fairly small and didn't burn or itch or anything. ... (84 replies)
... running makes everything worse. Folliculitis on my arms, chest and back that won't go away and is very very oily. Penis and scrotum skin very very thin. Masturbation for too long breaks the skin. ... (81 replies)
Burning Scrotum
Nov 5, 2011
... things happened. I got a new roommate and I also had sex with a girl only once. We used protection for the most part but she gave me unprotected oral sex on my penis and put her mouth other areas like on my testicles and that area. ... (43 replies)
Burning Scrotum
May 23, 2011
... Years ago I had something similar. Wow....I had forgotten about that! I did some research back then, and it appeared I had a mild case of "sclerosing lymphangitis". You can google it. Usually it is associated with a small "line" of raised tissue right below the head of the penis. It's common, and can be caused by irritating the penile tissue beneath the skin......typically... (44 replies)
My problem
Apr 29, 2010
... scort, however there was a brief period of a minute or two where the condom fell off. Afterwards she used some lotion on me for masturbation which caused extreme burning which subsided after washing it off. ... (105 replies)
Burning Scrotum
May 22, 2011
... Does anyone else get a dull pain below the penis head? ... (44 replies)
Chronic problem
Jun 2, 2009
... Yeah, my glans has been magically transformed from the normal color to looking like it has a chronic sunburn. Same type of thing, I got it a BJ from a nasty girl. At least it's stopped breaking out in extremely painful balanitis for the last couple months. ... (100 replies)
My problem
Nov 7, 2010
... My symptoms are almost exactly the same. I'm positive we have the same thing. (105 replies)
My problem
Nov 1, 2010
... I discovered that my "skin tag" that I had at the base of my penis was in fact a genital wart. ... (105 replies)
... scrotum and penis bright red, burning and itching. ... (84 replies)
... I joined the forum and I never described my sintoms, sorry. My entire scrotum is red with mild to moderate burning sensation. I also have some small very mild patches of red skin on the ridge around the head of my penis which occassionally burn and also some times wrinkles. ... (137 replies)
... In October of 2006 I had what I thought was a severe case of jock itch. It started out as a very slight burning in the scrotum, along with a biting feeling. ... (137 replies)
Burning Scrotum
May 23, 2011
... Thanks Wild North, I appreciate your prompt response which I look forward to reading. You know as far as STD's goes I got a urinalysis done twice to check for infection, I got and HIV swab test also just to clear my nerves. Everything came back fine. The only thing I haven't tested for is HSV. Which my doctor will probably say its not necessary since I don't show the signs but... (44 replies)

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