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... s so elusive and frustrating. Been on the Carvidol and Doxy for almost a week now, no improvement really. Still burning and now the bottom of the shaft is also inflamed and burning. Serious at the end with this thing. Will keep you posted. Thanks. ... (11 replies)
Chronic problem
Aug 20, 2009
... mistake. When she used it on me the next day, it was still wet and the water ran over my scrotum. The very next day all the skin on the scrotum was dead and flaking. ... (100 replies)
Burning Scrotum
Oct 25, 2011
... Hey Karma, PW, and all else who may be viewing. My biopsy results were "spongiotic dermatitis mild with hyperkeratosis suggestive of intertrigo". I will on occasion get a crawling or tingling feeling in my scrotum. Because of this, I went to see a neurologist again to discuss nerve damage. Reasons it could be herpes: Appeared after sex, appeared to be atypical... (43 replies)

... goodluck mate hope ya get help for this disaster (137 replies)
... I am working on 29 months with this disease... I have an inflamed red scrotum that becomes more irritated as heat and sweat increase. ... (137 replies)
... the fungus goes to town, eventually spreading into the blood stream and overwhelming the immune system. The scrotum is really just the tip of the iceberg and likely showing more of an internal scrotum infection than external. ... (39 replies)
Chronic problem
Jun 25, 2009
... or unknown chronic infectious diseases. ... (100 replies)
... did those really turn out to be inflamed hair follicles? ... (84 replies)
... Sounds like you can join us at the chronic red burning scrotum thread. I like you am of English descent. I also have allergies and a red burning scrotum. ... (1 replies)
... and chronic red burning strotum. ... (84 replies)
... help me 22 and my scrotum is bright red... ... (39 replies)
Chronic problem
Jun 25, 2009
... they are reallying thinking I have sjogrens sydrome even though blood work has come back negative....They did a lip biopsy of my salivary gland and it came back inflamed but not nonconclusive....I too have had alot of test...what seems to help is steroid plus antifungals.... ... (100 replies)
... d it cleared it up within a few days and as per the instructions continued the medication for a full two weeks. After using the prescription I did notice that my scrotum was redder then I remembered, but thought it was probably related to using the prescription. ... (82 replies)
... steroid prescribed by a dermatologist, prior to by balls going nuclear. I have tried 2 anti fungals on my sack, one did nothing the one with miconizoyle inflamed the scrotum and put me in hell for 3 days. ... (137 replies)
... If it's psoriasis it WILL itch and it WILL shed, LOTS. I could change my sheets every day! Sitting in the hot tub you can see the skin float around, quite unpleasant. If you do have a super mild case of psoriasis, take measures NOW!!! You do not want it to flare into a full scale bout of inverse down me! I wouldn't get too stressed about some warmth and no... (39 replies)
... tarted out as just an itchy red scrotum, which sudocream eased, however, the redness stayed. Basically, i just had a constant red scrotum, which becomes way more inflamed in the evenings. lickily for me i have no itch...just a low level warmth...constantly. ... (39 replies)
... e almost inexplainable, but they are also quite a bit different given the timeframes and the physical appearance of the skin. Although, I have the issue with my scrotum skin being so inflamed it looks like elephant skin and it almost seems like there is liquid beneath the surface. ... (84 replies)
... really was the antibiotic that is making it go away or if it was going away anyway on its own, although last week antifungals definitely did nothing, if anything scrotum was reddest that week. If it is the antibiotics then it must be bacterial i guess, also inflamed epididymis still large but not as big as it was last week. ... (114 replies)
My problem
Jun 4, 2010
... Hmmm... just had a quick look on the net... not to be used on: --Areas of skin that have suddenly become inflamed, infected or inflamed areas of skin, where severe, widespread reddening of the skin (erythroderma). possible side effects: -- Flushing of the skin due to widening of the small blood vessels (erythema), burning, itching (pruritis), formation of pustules. (105 replies)
Burning Scrotum
May 4, 2011
... Clostridium difficile (klos-TRID-e-uhm dif-uh-SEEL), often called C. difficile or C. diff, is a bacterium that can cause symptoms ranging from diarrhea to life-threatening inflammation of the colon. Illness from C. difficile most commonly affects older adults in hospitals or in long term care facilities and typically occurs after use of antibiotic medications. In recent... (44 replies)

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