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... Very informative information. Iíve been having the same type thing for about 18 months now. Extremely frustrating. I had my bladder looked at for cysts and the prostate. Nothing there they said. The scrotum is red and the only thing Iíve tried thatís worked is Aquafor. I am on the Carvidol, Doxy, and Amytriptlene. Iíve notice that when I take my sleep meds I feel... (11 replies)
... Hey Brian - Sorry to hear no improvement. Definitely let me know about the biopsy. I had one done as well - only showed minor inflammation (nothing remarkable). So I've been speaking to another guy with this problem, and we found something really exciting: Topical Beta-Blockers. Please google search: "Managing red scrotum syndrome (RSS) with topical timolol" Doctor's... (11 replies)
Chronic problem
Oct 8, 2009
... term as your post suggests to continue the Permethrin use until the "Veins and red spots disappear completely". ... (100 replies)

... and just to add i used that cream all over my penis to and my penis goes red aswell now its very very easily irritated hmmm will no treatments and no moisturizing creams help i think using NOTHING will work to ? ... (39 replies)
... I have been a sufferer of the "Red Scrotum Syndrome", A.K.A. "Red Balls of Fire", A.K.A. "Red Sack Syndrome", etc. ... (39 replies)
My problem
Nov 7, 2010
... Now I'm not saying that everyone has the same issues, but my issues were red burning scrotum with the head of penis chapped and red. My scrotum would burn when my laptop was on it, it would burn when I ate high sugars, wheat, and wore loose boxers. ... (105 replies)
Burning Scrotum
Nov 5, 2011
... Hi guys. I want to post my complete story. About 2 months ago 2 things happened. I got a new roommate and I also had sex with a girl only once. We used protection for the most part but she gave me unprotected oral sex on my penis and put her mouth other areas like on my testicles and that area. ... (43 replies)
... and chronic red burning strotum. ... (84 replies)
My problem
Jun 9, 2010
... Hey scrotum relief. I've had a red burning scrotum problem for two years now. It started about two to four hours after unprotected sex w a stripper. I've been tested for stds and my urine always comes back clean. ... (105 replies)
Burning Scrotum
Oct 26, 2011
... Flamin, Could you describe the initial symptoms? Any bumps, "irritations", etc? Any fever, painful stuff, etc? Test Results for me at 9 weeks: IGM - detected something IGG 1 & 2 = negative (43 replies)
Burning Scrotum
Oct 25, 2011
... I have recently contracted a red burning scrotum after unprotected oral and protected vaginal intercourse. ... (43 replies)
My problem
Nov 4, 2010
... Hey Jeremi, We're all pretty lost with this stuff and nobody seems to have any answers. But I gotta say, your symptoms sound a lot like yeast over growth. 1) Candida yeast infections in the genitals are usually transfered through sexual intercourse. 2) Candida and yeast primarily live in your gut. Do you have trouble going to the bathroom, do you have IBS? 3) Doctors... (105 replies)
My problem
Nov 3, 2010
... I posted on this forum months ago and I've had this problem for a little I've two years. I too agree that we all have similar symptoms but different problems. My scrotum is red and burning but I'm almost positive it's not a skin issue. I've almost been talked into thinking it's all my prostate. ... (105 replies)
My problem
May 31, 2010
... I am amazed by how many people have issues with the scrotum and how little is known. ... (105 replies)
... I had this syndrome with only some temporary relief for about 6 months. I read these boards and it was frightening. ... (84 replies)
... was red. My scrotum used to tingle and burn all day, it was not itchy but just very prickly. ... (82 replies)
... dry scrotum, mouth dryness etc.but the itchy scrotum has been going on for months, with no visible redness. So symptoms are similar. Derm told me i am cured. Ha, what a joke. ... (82 replies)
... I am on 20mg of Amitryptiline, but have only just started, and in any case, the chronic itch has been "away" for the last few months. ... (114 replies)
Chronic Redness
Nov 25, 2010
... I had shaved my scrotum previous day, a practice without any negative effects for over two yearss. ... (116 replies)
My problem
Apr 29, 2010
... Guys out there with Red Scrotum Syndrome RSS, grab your sack and bring your testicle to the surface of your scrotal skin. ... (105 replies)

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