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... Hey Brian - Sorry to hear no improvement. Definitely let me know about the biopsy. I had one done as well - only showed minor inflammation (nothing remarkable). So I've been speaking to another guy with this problem, and we found something really exciting: Topical Beta-Blockers. Please google search: "Managing red scrotum syndrome (RSS) with topical timolol" Doctor's... (11 replies)
... at no one can diagnose that is equally as painful. I have had that 4 times now over the last 20 years. This time it has persisted longer. I have never had the scrotum thing until now. I tried using Gold Bond power with menthol because it cooled everything. ... (11 replies)
... Very informative information. Iíve been having the same type thing for about 18 months now. Extremely frustrating. I had my bladder looked at for cysts and the prostate. Nothing there they said. The scrotum is red and the only thing Iíve tried thatís worked is Aquafor. I am on the Carvidol, Doxy, and Amytriptlene. Iíve notice that when I take my sleep meds I feel... (11 replies)

... Hey, thanks for posting! Yeah, I'm coming up on 1 year of this current bout. Makes you see your old life in a very different way. Interesting on the Aquafor - it seems like any occlusive makes mine worse, but it's been a few months since I tried one. Was thinking about maybe trying a petrolatum/zinc oxide cream for a week or something at some point. So I've had 3... (11 replies)
... t. This is so elusive and frustrating. Been on the Carvidol and Doxy for almost a week now, no improvement really. Still burning and now the bottom of the shaft is also inflamed and burning. Serious at the end with this thing. Will keep you posted. Thanks. ... (11 replies)
... Sorry to hear about the bladder issue. I don't want to live the rest of my life this way either. Horrible fate. And yes, I'm excited to be in communication with someone who has a close match in terms of symptoms! The most awful thing about this condition is the fact that I can't get a concrete diagnosis, so I have to theorize and research myself and play guessing games.... (11 replies)
Chronic Redness
Dec 15, 2010
... Been doing some archive reading and found these (both from 2008) which mention shaving nicks, they both also claim their problem is solved but as always with acknowledgement that most of us may have something different from each other... (Burning Red Scrotum) ... (116 replies)
... often called "red scrotum syndrome" or "red bag syndrome". I have had this for over a year and it is significantly affecting my life. ... (137 replies)
... Ok...Continue from Chronic Red Burning Scrotum Thread 3. ... (81 replies)
... hand side of my scrotum five months ago prior to having an Angiogram. Soon after that I developed this chronic, red, burning scrotum. ... (137 replies)
Chronic Redness
Nov 10, 2010
... For sure. 1) Plenty of other skin problems. Dry spots, itchiness...seems like I'm developping food allergies 2) Stress was definitely at a peak when it broke out. (116 replies)
Chronic problem
Oct 8, 2009
... term as your post suggests to continue the Permethrin use until the "Veins and red spots disappear completely". ... (100 replies)
Chronic problem
Oct 8, 2009
... Fly: Do us all a favor...could you type up your regimen that has helped you in a bit more detail than your earlier posts? I've read all four, but we all would appreciate your hard-won knowledge in a single post incorporating any additional perspectives/timelines you may now be aware of. ;) Best, Nathanson (100 replies)
Chronic problem
Oct 8, 2009
... My chronic Red Burning Scrotum has cleared completely. ... (100 replies)
Chronic problem
Aug 30, 2009
... What did you use for it to return so harshly? Does MMS work? Anyone tried it for anything? (100 replies)
Chronic problem
Aug 21, 2009
... It is sad for me to report that my chronic red burning scrotum have returned with a vengeance. ... (100 replies)
... oh, I haven't tried the herbal remedy either. From what I read it looked like most people had positive results at first, then negative ones. zippy- he's refering to info in the chronic red burning scrotum thread 1 the 1st thread was closed due to it's size, so someone opened up this thread #2 to continue. you can still view the 1st thread on this website though. (114 replies)
... I have now noticed red areas of my scrotum and little white scale like things, I showed this to the doctor and she had never heard of Red Scrotum Syndrome and stated I have been reading too much on the internet. ... (7 replies)
... Take my word for is orally transmitted. I recieved oral sex from a girl just like you. Red burning scrotum for almost 3 years now. Unfortunately for me, it has caused chronic dermatographism throughout the entire surface of my skin. ... (137 replies)
My problem
Nov 7, 2010
... Now I'm not saying that everyone has the same issues, but my issues were red burning scrotum with the head of penis chapped and red. My scrotum would burn when my laptop was on it, it would burn when I ate high sugars, wheat, and wore loose boxers. ... (105 replies)

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