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Chronic problem
Sep 16, 2009
... and after 3 days were almost gone. I felt better until the next time i had sex with wife. Right after it looked like my foreskin was on flame as my scrotum. When pulled my foreskin i could see the blood vessels really red. This scared me again and then I deiced to get tested for STD. ... (100 replies)
... and chronic red burning strotum. ... (84 replies)
... staph to really flourish. After all the wrong antibiotics, I started growing yeast all over my body. I literally was turning red and itchy all over, and was scared to get wet which made it even worse. ... (82 replies)

... active at its borders, and continues to spread up the underside of the penis, to the left and right sides of the scrotum, and toward the perineum. There is also red itchy skin on the inner thighs. ... (82 replies)
... Thanks for such a detailed post, so you have this under foreskin as well as on scrotum? ... (114 replies)
... I have now noticed red areas of my scrotum and little white scale like things, I showed this to the doctor and she had never heard of Red Scrotum Syndrome and stated I have been reading too much on the internet. ... (7 replies)
... the redness on the penis reduced to few patches on the underside but by the time I went to the clinic all was left was a red scrotum ... and what do you know? ... (84 replies)
Chronic problem
Apr 2, 2009
... itching, burning, hypersensitive skin of the scrotum and foreskin. I am convinced this is an unnamed syndrome triggered by infection or simply an unidentified chronic infection. I am slowly doing better, but I have no idea if I will ever be normal again. ... (100 replies)
... ue to the fire under my foreskin. I can only assume the same plague that caused the balanitis was also growing on my scrotum, since it has turned bright burning red and continued to resist my efforts to heal it for weeks. ... (84 replies)
... of surface from beneath the skin, and look a lot like herpes, though so far herpes tests are negative. I also have a buildup of yellowish green slime under the foreskin right now, just like my initial symptoms 4 months ago. ... (82 replies)
... If the samples that I had sent to the lab don't uncover anything, that would tend to make me think this is some sort of mutated HPV or a new chronic skin virus. I gave in and went to a birthday party, where I had lots of cake and coke, and today my scrotum has turned an angry red and begun to itch. ... (82 replies)
... fungus theory, like I said this stuff seems to be encouraged by simple carbs, etc., but those things weaken the immune system in general. I get bright red skin folds frequently in creases on my belly, belly button, etc. ... (84 replies)
... We all thought this, and worse. I thought I definitely had HIV until I tested negative. Read through the thread. This feeling of "It's never going to be the same again." This is what helped me: Raw Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Butter applied to the scrotum. Denorex Dandruff Shampoo on pelvic area once every two days or so. Super low carb diet. High vitamin diet,... (7 replies)
... What's going on? My balls are on fire! I thought I made all the symptoms clear in the first post, but I will outline them again. * Four months of unprotected sex with my ex. I also shave my nuts using a razor every now and then. * Two weeks after breaking up a Female gave me oral sex, then we had PROTECTED sex * 10 days later I had an itch around my foreskin * balls... (7 replies)
... So far fungal/yeast cultures are negative, but one culture came back with loads of coagulase-negative staph that is resistant to doxycycline, etc. These cultures are from the foreskin/glans infection, NOT the scrotum. I don't know what specific species of staph it is, though as I understand it the majority of specimens of coagulase-negative staph are staphylococcus... (82 replies)
... Hi Willy 1 - No seasonal allergies 2 - never tested for allergies 3 - had problem for 3.5 months 4 - yes, lot of stress due to std testing etc. 5 - yes, thought had contracted something, hence std testing, this occured about 4-6 weeks after exposure. 6 - Rash is only on scrotum and under foreskin (am I the only one with this on foreskin)? I find also that this... (114 replies)
... red burning scrotum and also sore red skin under the foreskin. ... (114 replies)
... I think it is nerve related, but this doesn't explain the redness which accompanied it initially and the raised red lines on my thighs, but maybe the initial attack has damaged the nerves in my sack and made them susceptible to further flare ups. ... (82 replies)
... the Protocol I alluded to previously will cure my various inflammatory symptoms. I just need help to get my doctor to let me try it. I am scheduled to have my foreskin circumcised next week in order to help reduce the infection and hopefully so that the lab can figure out what is causing the infection. ... (84 replies)
... Willy and Rugbyfan, thanks very much for the replies. I admit this is the strangest afllication I've ever seen...and I think the cause of mine might be different from yours after reading all your posts. I did think yeast/fungus at first since the stuff is the worst in the folds of the skin, but my derm disagrees and the condition is unresponsive to anti-fungal meds. It could... (84 replies)

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