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... ion. The most distinctive characteristic of my case is that the redness has had the exact same boundary the entire time and the boundary follows the boundary of hair follicles EXACTLY. This is characteristic of some type of bacterial infection. ... (137 replies)
Chronic Redness
Nov 25, 2010
... I had shaved my scrotum previous day, a practice without any negative effects for over two yearss. I've had some hair growth up my penis shaft and usually try to pluck with tweezers but takes some time so on this occasion shaved as well. ... (116 replies)
... it raw and really irritated. by this time the tingleyness was more of an irritation now on my whole scrotum. my penis was still pin pickley. I started getting red folliculitus bumps in my pubic area above my penis. like a rash. it wasn't itchy. ... (84 replies)

... the redness on the penis reduced to few patches on the underside but by the time I went to the clinic all was left was a red scrotum ... and what do you know? ... (84 replies)
... I have had red inflamed patches on either side of my sack and across the top of the base of the penis. When it flares up the whole sack is effected and goes red hot and itchy. Sometimes the perenium is also affected which is what I am dealing with today. I called the doc and left a message... something needs to be done. ... (137 replies)
Burning Scrotum
May 16, 2011
... The symptoms also resembled chronic regional pain syndrome. ... (44 replies)
... Ive read all these threads for the past while and id just like to share my experience. Ive had a severe itchy red burning scrotum now for the last 5 years and I have tried numerous things to get rid of it. I developed it after having sex on a one night stand with this girl. ... (39 replies)
... My symptoms are red scrotum which follows the area of the hair follicles on my scrotum only and the head of my penis is also red. My scrotum is never itchy but always red and prickly. ... (82 replies)
... Hi all i am new to this forum and am at my wits end. Have been following thread for a little while and thought I would share my info I developed red scrotum and red penis head about 4 months ago Symptoms are - red head of penis especially after sex red scrotum which follows the hair folicles and is very prickly (not itchy) just very uncomfortable (137 replies)
... Guys, Have been following thread for a little while and thought I would share my info I developed red scrotum and red penis head about two days after receiving unprotected oral sex from an unknown woman - this happened just over a year ago. - I was also in wet boardshorts and speedos for a whole day that weekend - so not sure which one caused it. I have been to lots... (137 replies)
... and felt like it, but i had the bumps on my inner thighs too. he said staph infection from shaving the berries. so gave me antibiotics. they seemed to clear the red bumps on my legs up but my junk still itched!!! so then i thought maybe it was the hair growing back on my balls causing it. ... (84 replies)
... So I've finally found out what we call this red scrotum that has the reasonably obvious line where it doesn't continue to the body! ... (137 replies)
Burning Scrotum
Nov 1, 2011
... y that I've felt the best on 150 mg diflucan tablets. I have gotten them twice now and they always subside my symptoms significantly. As others I have a bordered red scrotum which when is tight the area within the clear border of where rash is the skin is thicker and darker than what I recall my skin being before.. ... (43 replies)
Chronic Redness
Dec 11, 2010
... Longer hair can tug on the follicles so somewhere in the middle is probably right. ... (116 replies)
Chronic Redness
Nov 30, 2010
... to add before I give my advice, I've seen posting where people talk about itching....I have NEVER itched beyond anything natural. I have only burned and had dry red scaly dry irratated you may be dealing with something different if you have an itch... ... (116 replies)
Chronic Redness
Nov 26, 2010
... latex latex glove for 2 weeks and removing all sugar and carbs from my diet helped with the red scrotum. The rash jumped to a bunch of spots where I had hair follicle nicks and cuts hiding on my neck and on my arm where I shaved and also my scars flared up. ... (116 replies)
... Guys, Have not been on for a long time and have given an update below. My original symptoms were a red scrotum that follows the hair folicles only and the head of my penis (where the purple part was) was red. My scrotum used to tingle and burn all day, it was not itchy but just very prickly. Sitting, standing, playing sport and doing anything else was hell so I know what... (82 replies)
... I am not so sure it is eczema, as the redness I have never clears or goes away, and it exactly follows the hair folicles of my scrotum. ... (137 replies)
... I have had red scrotum for 4 years and know cause is unknown. If steroid cream works is only temporary. ... (137 replies)
... When it reappeared it was on the scrotum where the hair folicles are. ... (137 replies)

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