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Chronic problem
Sep 17, 2009
... to what you are saying. My problem started after having sex with a normal woman, like you say a marital slip up. Anyway at first it was just a itch and a little red from scratching,this was Sept 04.Like most all else here, freaked out thought the worst rushed to the Docs for tests. All negative! ... (100 replies)
Burning Scrotum
May 25, 2011
... This was just posted by unkownally in a parallel thread on this forum "Relief for red scrotum syndrome". I wonder if we are on to something... ... (44 replies)
Chronic problem
Jun 25, 2009
... or unknown chronic infectious diseases. ... (100 replies)

... My first visit to the doctor, after reading these boards, resulted in her suspecting a staph infection, prescribing antibiotics and sending me to an STD clinic. ... (84 replies)
... Been reading this topic for a while now, as have been suffering similar conditions for 4 months now, ithchy scrotum,no rash,slightly red and spread to inbetween buttocks now. Seen, Doctors, Derms etc. ... (81 replies)
My problem
Nov 4, 2010
... Hey Jeremi, We're all pretty lost with this stuff and nobody seems to have any answers. But I gotta say, your symptoms sound a lot like yeast over growth. 1) Candida yeast infections in the genitals are usually transfered through sexual intercourse. 2) Candida and yeast primarily live in your gut. Do you have trouble going to the bathroom, do you have IBS? 3) Doctors... (105 replies)
My problem
Nov 3, 2010
... I posted on this forum months ago and I've had this problem for a little I've two years. I too agree that we all have similar symptoms but different problems. My scrotum is red and burning but I'm almost positive it's not a skin issue. I've almost been talked into thinking it's all my prostate. ... (105 replies)
My problem
Oct 7, 2010
... The sensitive, red scrotum and perienum area symptoms subsided after 1 month. ... (105 replies)
... help me 22 and my scrotum is bright red... ... (39 replies)
Chronic problem
May 11, 2009
... My scrotum is pretty much cured, though if not treated properly I'm sure it could relapse. ... (100 replies)
... no genital contact, no penetration. After this I went to the toilets to try and clean up a bit, but can't remember exactly if I touched my scrotum at this point. I remained in the club for about an hour and I did not shower until the next morning. ... (82 replies)
... It wasnt because I never had blisters, but I couldnt find something more similar. I had a burning sensation in my pinus and I dont remember when the pain in the scrotum came up because I was so focused on my pinus. ... (114 replies)
Burning Scrotum
Nov 7, 2011
... e moment I think I'm on a couple antibiotics, the doxycycline, and the variation of Psorexoderm. The flare ups worry me the most. Some days I hardly notice the red scrotum. It doesn't hurt and even looking at it it doesn't look too bad. ... (43 replies)
... Now lets go further, as Candida strains are becoming very drug resistant, so all the courses of antibiotics we are taking kill all the good bacteria, and let the yeast thrive. ... (84 replies)
... which i'm sure are the same as many of yours. Burning, red, swampy scrotum continuing up to the perianal area, and under the buttocks, most noticeable while sitting. ... (137 replies)
Chronic problem
Aug 20, 2009
... I was on the following antibiotics prior to the onset of my outrageous red scrotum condition: Cephalexin 2 shots of Rocephin Doxycycline (for testicular pain and swelling, aka epididymitis) Prior to this I only had your standard abx like amoxicillin, etc. Not sure if that supports your theory, but it's definitely worth considering the side effects both direct as in... (100 replies)
... I have been on loads of antibiotics to little effect, including doxycycline, so I'm not sure that I have the classic red scrotum syndrome as described in the medical article. ... (84 replies)
Burning Scrotum
Oct 25, 2011
... Hey Karma, PW, and all else who may be viewing. My biopsy results were "spongiotic dermatitis mild with hyperkeratosis suggestive of intertrigo". I will on occasion get a crawling or tingling feeling in my scrotum. Because of this, I went to see a neurologist again to discuss nerve damage. Reasons it could be herpes: Appeared after sex, appeared to be atypical... (43 replies)
My problem
Oct 21, 2010
... to NowWhatDoIDo. I know my infection is sexually trasmitted. However the guy didnt seem to have the red scrotum syndrome, but I started having these problems a few days after I have been with a man. ... (105 replies)
Chronic problem
Oct 16, 2009
... That is very unfortunate. I don't think this is a hard problem to solve. I think the derms lack motivation. If maybe we sign a petition, maybe all derms will see dollar signs and help us. I have had this sydrome since 2001. It gets worse every year. I know this for a fact. I'm trying very hard to maintain. I wish someone would help us. I too tried all of the meds... (100 replies)

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