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... scrotum and penis bright red, burning and itching. ... (84 replies)
Chronic problem
Sep 16, 2009
... This is when the fun began. I started to have strange radiating pain in my perineum, my penis and my testicle.I go 3 to 4 days ok and then 2 or 3 days of pain. Miserable pain. ... (100 replies)
... itchyness on my scrotum. there was no visible redness or anything. It was a very mild tingling. mild enough that i thought it might just be my mind playing tricks on me. ... (84 replies)

My problem
Jul 29, 2010
... e i gotta say it doesnt burn lots its just gets very irritated every now and then...its forever red tho my balls are red and have a shiny glaze over them and the redness stops to just confined to the scrotom and the tip of my penis also under my penis.... ... (105 replies)
... The ache in the testicle is still there but not as noticebale because my penis now hurts! ... (0 replies)
Burning Scrotum
May 13, 2011
... s nearly disappearing completely. For a while there I thought..."Wow, I got this beat". My bad...that didn't happen! The folliculitis, itchiness, burning, and redness all but vanished although seemed to return shortly after the 10th full day on the antibiotic. ... (44 replies)
... Good idea on the symptoms. I am new to the board and have also been diagnosed with “Red Scrotum Syndrome.” However, I don't believe it to be sexually transmitted as I have only had one partner and she was tested (as was I with a blood test) before we had unprotected sex (and after). In fact, when my symptoms first developed, it was while sitting in a car for a really long... (137 replies)
Burning Scrotum
May 23, 2011
... Thanks Wild North, I appreciate your prompt response which I look forward to reading. You know as far as STD's goes I got a urinalysis done twice to check for infection, I got and HIV swab test also just to clear my nerves. Everything came back fine. The only thing I haven't tested for is HSV. Which my doctor will probably say its not necessary since I don't show the signs but... (44 replies)
Burning Scrotum
May 23, 2011
... redness going up as far as the tip of the penis as well. ... (44 replies)
My problem
Aug 7, 2010
... h i think alot of us have form of eczema dermatitus and u guys stressing out and thinking way into it to much is making ur condition problem is mainly redness and dryness of my sack and penis like consistantly which has been here for about a year i was putting all sorts of creams on it and each cream made it worse... ... (105 replies)
... a red, sore, painful meatus. The amazing thing is a red halo, or red bullseye, around the urethral opening but not complete redness of the meatus. There also appears to be a period of slight residual urinary incontinence directly after urination or a watery discharge. ... (7 replies)
Chronic Redness
Nov 25, 2010
... I had shaved my scrotum previous day, a practice without any negative effects for over two yearss. I've had some hair growth up my penis shaft and usually try to pluck with tweezers but takes some time so on this occasion shaved as well. ... (116 replies)
... Very recently I get what feels like a UTI up my penis at the same time as the redness on the scrotum really flares up. Urine sample taken at the doctors showed tiny amounts of blood and proteins. ... (137 replies)
... sorry. My entire scrotum is red with mild to moderate burning sensation. I also have some small very mild patches of red skin on the ridge around the head of my penis which occassionally burn and also some times wrinkles. I have never had any blisters. ... (137 replies)
... All I can say is I wish I had just a little warmth and some redness down there, THAT would allow me enough confidence to get laid and not worry about it. ... (39 replies)
... After a couple weeks there was a tiny bit of relief, but the skin got real dry and even started flaking off when erect. As soon as I stopped with the oil the redness came back with spots. This sux! ... (7 replies)
... and just to add i used that cream all over my penis to and my penis goes red aswell now its very very easily irritated hmmm will no treatments and no moisturizing creams help i think using NOTHING will work to ? ... (39 replies)
... h prescription and over the counter and nothing has worked. Clobetasol even seemed to make the problem worse. As a child I sustained a minor injury that left the penis bruised and inflamed and suffered several infections in the years following. ... (2 replies)
... My scrotum and head of penis are not yet back to normal and I don't think I have beaten this thing just yet but I can get through my days quite easily without constantly thinking about it. ... (82 replies)
... I've had this problem with my penis for well over a year now. The head, foreskin, and urethra are red. The glans on the head are dried, wrinkled and cracked. ... (7 replies)

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