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... Hey Brian - Sorry to hear no improvement. Definitely let me know about the biopsy. I had one done as well - only showed minor inflammation (nothing remarkable). So I've been speaking to another guy with this problem, and we found something really exciting: Topical Beta-Blockers. Please google search: "Managing red scrotum syndrome (RSS) with topical timolol" Doctor's... (11 replies)
... m sitting for a long time. If I lay down on the couch and cover them with Auqafor my symptoms improve and the redness reduces, but as soon as I go back on the road or take a shower and wash them it gets bad again. ... (11 replies)
... weeks. After using the prescription I did notice that my scrotum was redder then I remembered, but thought it was probably related to using the prescription. The redness went away but almost a month to the day of seeing my general doctor for the jock itch I began feeling an extreme hotness, wetness, and pain in my scrotum. ... (82 replies)

Burning Scrotum
May 13, 2011
... s nearly disappearing completely. For a while there I thought..."Wow, I got this beat". My bad...that didn't happen! The folliculitis, itchiness, burning, and redness all but vanished although seemed to return shortly after the 10th full day on the antibiotic. ... (44 replies)
My problem
Jul 29, 2010
... e i gotta say it doesnt burn lots its just gets very irritated every now and then...its forever red tho my balls are red and have a shiny glaze over them and the redness stops to just confined to the scrotom and the tip of my penis also under my penis.... ... (105 replies)
... the redness on the penis reduced to few patches on the underside but by the time I went to the clinic all was left was a red scrotum ... and what do you know? ... (84 replies)
... Good idea on the symptoms. I am new to the board and have also been diagnosed with “Red Scrotum Syndrome.” However, I don't believe it to be sexually transmitted as I have only had one partner and she was tested (as was I with a blood test) before we had unprotected sex (and after). In fact, when my symptoms first developed, it was while sitting in a car for a really long... (137 replies)
... Hey everyone, let's organize our experiences a little, I think that might be helpful for the rest of us. If you are suffering from this, please answer the questions below and post. Probable Cause -Sexually transmitted, protected How Long Have You Been Living with Symptoms? -Two years Areas affected -Scrotum (redness, wetness, visible veins, hair follicles... (137 replies)
... I am spreading the word about a condition which is affecting many people and is almost unknown by the medical field. Chronic Atrophic Erytomathous Candidiasis. ... (0 replies)
Chronic problem
Sep 16, 2009
... and sitting too long also exacerbate the problem. Now I knew taking those antibiotic would screw up my system so i took pro biotic, but when the itiching and redness started I figure it must be some form of yeast overgrowth due to the antibiotic. So I read about it and started a candida free diet. ... (100 replies)
Chronic problem
Mar 31, 2009
... skin shedding and redness suggest staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome. i suggest you see your doctor for flucloxacillin if it is that. ... (100 replies)
Chronic Redness
Nov 25, 2010
... Everyone has reported the redness following hair lines.. ... (116 replies)
... a week after the antibiotics and the redness is back in full swing all over the scrotum... i've definitely been walking alot more this week so there has been alot more friction down there... ... (114 replies)
... ut having caught something i washed my genitals with anti bacterial soap for about a week, perhaps this actually contributed or made it worse, although i noticed redness before i started this extensive and unreasonable washing practice. Doesnt explain enlarged blood vessels. ... (114 replies)
... Very recently I get what feels like a UTI up my penis at the same time as the redness on the scrotum really flares up. Urine sample taken at the doctors showed tiny amounts of blood and proteins. ... (137 replies)
... antifungal use and been supplementing 3 a day into my diet for about a week now and the difference has been like night and day. Redness going away, the burning is going away. I'm crossing my fingers that it continues to work and its not all in my head. But I think I'm onto something!!! ... (137 replies)
... The primary symptoms are intense and extremely uncomfortable burning and itching, both on the surface and under the skin, extreme redness with sticky, sweaty skin that is hypersensitive to everything including water. ... (82 replies)
... n worse. I finally saw a great infectious disease doctor who has this same theory, and offered to give me EXTENDED fluconazole treatment. You cannot kill off a chronic deep tissue infection like this with topical treatments or one or two doses of diflucan. ... (82 replies)
... burning deep in the skin with a little bit of itch thrown in for effect. It's definitely possible to get yourself into a vicious cycle by scratching and causing chronic irritation, resulting in scratching, infection, and so on. ... (82 replies)
... Do reaserch into chronic candida, there are numerous links on this Healthboard, on how to cure yeast infections. ... (82 replies)

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