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My Circumcision.
Jul 16, 2015
... thank you for your kind support, may i ask, have you had some form of circumcision or? ... (4 replies)
... I'll post here to maintain a diary of my own circumcision. I'm a 33 year old male and I think this might help others who are thinking of undergoing the same operation. ... (27 replies)
... LOL mate, bad luck, should have held off just a bit longer. ;) Just a quick update for ya's. It's now day 29 and all is looking good, atleast I hope so. Still some ways to go for the stitched area to really settle down, but all stitches are out now and I guess now I just play the waiting game for the residual inflammation to settle. I decided it was time to have... (27 replies)

... Circumcision Days 8-10 The transformation in healing isn't sufficiently different from one day to the next to warrant daily entries. So here's an update over the last 3 days. Peeing has really sorted itself out. A bit of the water sprinkler effect still in effect, but the peculiar right angled peeing action has gone. What a relief! I can now pee at a public urinal without... (27 replies)
... te for another 35 days according to my surgeon! 35 days! By that time I'll be climbing the walls. Anyway, what I wanted to say about erections in my case is that circumcision doesn't seem to have affected any function in that area. Funny how the body has its own mechanism to tell the brain to tell the hand..don't even think about it!! ... (27 replies)
... My Diary - Cotton Eye Joe - Days 19 to 33 Well for anyone that's been following my tale of recovery. This will probably be my last post for a while. I got most of the stitches out at the hospital on Day 21. I just coulnd't leave it any longer. This has made erections a little easier. Sex can wait. Its just not comfortable enough yet I don't think. Even... (27 replies)
... Yup. Quick reply. Salt bathing is not at all an issue. Its recommended for healing. Don't put any of that fragranced salt in either. Just plain salt. A couple of tablespoons in a tub should be ok. Thanks for posting to my diary - makes me glad to know someone's reading it!! Hope your recovery goes well. Patience seems to be the key with this one. Cotton_Eye_Joe (Day 18) (27 replies)
My circumcision
Sep 26, 2010
... Hi nerro, like you I had my circumcicion done recently, 9 days ago to be precise due to severe phimosis. Just wanted to say keep up the good work with the diary, it really helps me to see other peoples experiences. For me, the worst bit is the sensitivity, where I had never touched the head before, it's now mega sensitive now it's exposed. Did u have that? How long before... (23 replies)
Cure for Phimosis
Aug 27, 2007
... cm diameter around the end of my penis to piss out of. Apart from the down time and the bloody pain you go through, circumcision is by all means a cure, it's just not a fun cure. ... (2 replies)
... Just found out about this site and have a couple of questions. I was circumcised exactly 2 weeks ago and have one main concern. the doctor gave me general anesthesia and local right on the head of the penis. I still can not feel the head of my penis. He told me it was normal when i called him last week, but now two weeks and nothing. No sensitivity, no feeling. It's still... (0 replies)
... I wrapped a guaze bandage around it and it worked perfectly. It was kind of a pain to un wrap it everytime I had to go to the bathroom but it was better then the discomfort without it. Also where tighter underwear that gives you support so you wont be moving around alot down there. (27 replies)
... call your doctor, and ask his advice. (27 replies)
... guys I really have a problem with this issue. im on day 13 and the glans has a bit toughened up but still having big time problem wearing underwear , frendulum needs more more time. In 2 days i'll leave my homecountry going to study abroad at England whichi will be a 5 hour destination and I'm going to need help how to find a way wearing underwear. Please guys if you know... (27 replies)
... well the sex was good but there was blood found in the condom lol now im in hiding (27 replies)
... What happened? (27 replies)
... yup.... it was a bad idea........ (27 replies)
... Dude don't do anything if you've still got stiches. Have you tried to jerk off yet? Use lots of lube and see if there is any discomfort before attempting to have actual sex. (27 replies)
... all of my stitches except for 4 on the left have dissolved and the healing has gone very fast with the polysporyn... im gon try to hold off but the boys are turnin blue lol (27 replies)
... You could risk ripping open the stiches which will not only be painfull but you might also cause further scaring not to mention back to the hospital to get re-stiched. Just wait man at least another 2 weeks. (27 replies)
... well its been 2 weeks and i am DYING im living in college res and meeting lots of girls and THERE is no way im making it to 40 days... im healing well... realistically what is the worst that could happen if i jump the date a little? (27 replies)

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