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... t all comes off or not at all. To only cut a part of the foreskin off is butchery. Pfft! Also, my doctor said that the new cut 'ring' can become tight around the head after the circumcision if it is cut right behind the head, as most are. Have you found this to be true with yours? ... (12 replies)
... to have fallen out. And the pain is all but gone. The only issue I have is that there is an area of swelling that is circumferential around the penis between the head and the shaft. It's right below the head where the incision was made. It's the retained foreskin but because it is swollen I cannot retract it over the head. ... (0 replies)
... ok so it's Saturday and I got a circumcision on Tuesday. Right after I took off my bandages on Thursday, I noticed something strange. ...I was circed but I couldn't see my whole penis head! ... (5 replies)

... i have a weird type of paraphimosis. It's never gotten huge and choking around my penis. I've lived with it for 6 years. It just stays behind the head of the penis and then making it go forward again to cover the head is very very hard. It used to be easier but now it's even harder. ... (0 replies)
... So I have a very, unique member. I believe that when I was born that the doctors who performed the circumcision made a mistake. A little bit of history on my health as a new born, I was premature by a few months. I also had jaundice. ... (1 replies)
... shaft that can bunch up a bit behind the head, I don't know if this maybe causes the scar to roll up and heal thicker, where as if the skin was pulled tight from head to base then maybe the scar would be flatter? ... (1 replies)
... hs ago but at the moment my penis is feeling very sensitive at the moment i have been itching a bit my penis has become really itchy and when i try and bring the head of the penis out its hurts really bad it feels like i may need another Circumcision how many Circumcisions is it possible to have? ... (2 replies)
... Ok, I'm looking for some info from people who have had a circumcision for similar reasons to myself if possible. ... (12 replies)
... When i was 12 years old i had undergone circumcision due to urinary tract infection. For about a year before the circumcision i hid the pain and the difficulty of urinating from everyone. Until something happened and i had to be taken to the hospital. The circumcision went well. ... (0 replies)
... For the first 3 weeks I kept a kleenex wrapped around the head and around the stitches. If I did not use a kleenex, then by evening the head of my willie would be really sore. ... (5 replies)
... gly feel that if I didn't have my foreskin attached to the head, my penis wouldn't be so sensitive. During sex that strip of foreskin pulls back and forth on the head alot and thus increasing sensitivity. Am I making any sense? ... (4 replies)
... me out and ask my mom about it, but my wife hinted around and said that my mom basically said i had been. i am 26 years old now, and i have skin that covers the head of my penis at all times unless i am erect. is it possible to be circumsized young and then get a foreskin back around the head? ... (8 replies)
... It's too tight with scarring. I went to a urologist to discuss a partial circumcision but he suggested either a full one or a dorsal slit. ... (4 replies)
My Circumcision.
Jul 17, 2015
... I had a Circumcision few years back i was put out with gas mask so it knocked me out. when i came to i was in agony was on Pain relief all day had to stay over was out the next day. ... (4 replies)
... vinayss, may I ask why you were circumcised? As far as I know, the frenulum is cut away with the foreskin. If the foreskin is removed then there's no real reason for the frenulum to stay. (12 replies)
... am 20 years old male. i got circumcision before 4 days. my penis is covered with tissue, i can see only the head of my penis, there is swelling on the head of my penis whenever it touches with anything i feel pain. i want to know that when i get relief from this. ... (12 replies)
... also,my head seems to stick to my underwear everytime.. ... (4 replies)
May 16, 2014
... My foreskin was tight when I was a teenager. I had no infections, despite the fact that I did not retract the skin and clean the penis head when I showered. With masturbation, sex and experimentation, gradually I found that I could pull back my foreskin. ... (1 replies)
... I could pull back the foreskin fairly easily over the head when soft. But not at all when erect. ... (27 replies)
... the water hitting the head directly out fo the shower head wass soooore! ... (6 replies)

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