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... s itch as a result of playing sports and noticed several red lumps which look like blisters buit aren't and are totally painless. they seem to only be above the circumcision line. There are more of them than when i first saw them and was wondering whether it could be from the jock's itch or whether it is something else. ... (1 replies)
... It starts from the pubic area and runs the length of the penis and at the circumcision line it make a ? ... (1 replies)
... So I have a very, unique member. I believe that when I was born that the doctors who performed the circumcision made a mistake. A little bit of history on my health as a new born, I was premature by a few months. I also had jaundice. ... (1 replies)

... Hi All Here is my account up to date any comments will be appreciated I had a Circumcision done one the 26/1/17 for continual Yeast infections which led to Phimosis and Paraphomosis Whilst on the Operating Table I did have cause for concern as my Urologist did have a second helping him and at one stage when asked "Is he practising on me " was told not to worry I am stepping... (0 replies)
Mar 30, 2008
... surgical pain. The only discomfort I felt occurred during involuntary nocturnal erections when I would awaken to a sensation of intense pressure along the suture line which girded my penis just below the coronal ridge. ... (1 replies)
... My circumcision was done extremely well, it was the fact i was 5 and i'm guessing the stitches weren't removed properly. ... (12 replies)
... I had a circumcision done a bit more than a month ago, nothing got infected and everything went pretty much fine. ... (0 replies)
... circ. sites. Bottom line is stitch tunnels and skin tunnels means the job was done badly. Ps. ... (12 replies)
... Much depends on the type of work you do. Talk to your doctor and follow his advice. There's a big difference between a job requiring considerable physical exertion (e.g., construction labor, landscaping, farming, etc.) and a sedentary desk job where hours are spent typing on a computer keyboard or shuffling paper. Following my own mid-morning adult circumcision, I was told... (3 replies)
... This may be somewhat of an odd question, but is it possible for a circumcision to come undone through masturbation? ... (1 replies)
... I had a circumcision last Friday, which went well. However, when can I wear normal clothing i.e. tight underwear? ... (0 replies)
... inch from the rim. The cut angles from that point in straight line across the top and down the left side to where the rim is covered. ... (2 replies)
... I'm 27 years old and I had my circumcision 3 weeks ago. ... (0 replies)
... up skin ridges and small bumps, and I despise the way it looks around the circumcision line. ... (5 replies)
... I have a 1 inch long brown line on the bottom of my penis shaft near the sensitive skin below the penis head. I've read some where that it's a circumcision scar...which I guess would make sense because it's been there for as long as I could remember. Is this what it is? ... (5 replies)
... So I was cut 7 weeks ago. (relatively tight with a little extra skin). It healed very well. I was back to having intercourse within the 2nd week with a condom. by the third week we were having sex more and more. No problem. So i go back for my eval after a month. Doctor says everything looks good and it does. So here 2 months later i am experiencing a somewhat uncomfortable... (0 replies)
... If it goes in a circle around your penis, it's the circumcision scar. ... (5 replies)
Line under skin
Dec 14, 2012
... Or could it be your circumcision scar? ... (19 replies)
... Hey, I was circumcised on Thursday 6th Jan, and already some of the stitches have started falling out/coming loose. This happened about 4 days ago, and it was excruciatingly painful at the time. 2 days ago, I took myself to A&E due to the fact that it looked infected, and I have since been put on a course of antibiotics. My concern lies in the fact that I believe that it... (0 replies)
... rn. I took it easy for a while and moisturized. The spots were on the left and right of my penis shaft when looking down, the most noticeable of them were on the circumcision line. After a couple of days, they became crusty. If I put water or moisturizer on the spots, the crust went away but came back a little while later. ... (0 replies)

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