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... I'm curious. When you have a circumsion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of keeping/losing the frenulum? I may have to make this decision myself in a few weeks and I have no knowledge on the subject. (11 replies)
... Hello Again dragonfly Wings, I hope all is well. I know itís been sometime that we have last spoke, I want to again thank you for your comforting words. I hope all is well with your husband as well. I had some questions I was hoping you could help me out with. My penis never fully went back to normal and my scrotum seem to have shrunk. How did your husband go about getting... (6 replies)
... Hi there. After 33 years of hating my circumcision I finally took the plunge and got it revised. The reason for this was a of of skin tags and a few stitch tunnels that not only looked unsightly in the case of the former, but collected smegma in the case of the latter. Mostly I hated the bunched up skin underneath the glans when I was flaccid, it was unsightly, scarred and... (0 replies)

... Having read a lot of the posts on this site about BXO now, there is quite a divide between people as to whether circumsion or steriod cream is the solution. My preference at the moment would be to see if the cream worked before I have any surgery. ... (0 replies)
Having a problem
Feb 3, 2011
... i am 62 years old . am a type II diabetic, have high blood pressure. am over a little 5'11" 232lbs. had a circumsion about 4 month ago fore skin hurt when having a errection and having problem when going to restroom. ... (1 replies)
... ok so i had a circumsion a month ago! now just before my penis head the skin is like a brown colour is there any reason for this? ... (2 replies)
... I only recently discovered that the foreskin is suppose to retract when i was having sex! It took alot of Pain to find out!! :( I can retract the foreskin when flacid! But when erect i cannot retract the foreskin further than 1/3!! :confused: Circumsion is not an option for me! :nono: I have thought of retracting the foreskin then tryin an erection but im in fear... (14 replies)
... Once again I state, I am in the US and have had problems with doctors wanting to do anything other than circumsion when I see them....this is the reason I bring up hydrocortisone. ... (15 replies)
... No, no, the soreness you talk about goes away after a few days once you have been circumcised. Most of this soreness, over-sensitiveness is due to it being in the enclosed space of the foreskin for too long and not being cleaned properly. I am circumcised and I can assure you there is no pain or uncomfortableness whatsoever when the head of my penis comes in contact with my... (8 replies)
... the benefits of having a circumsion seem to outweigh the negatives but people seem to be missing is that for example if i pull the foreskin back when soft and place my penis back in pants as normal this would be VERY unconfortable as the glans/head is exposed to material. Presumably this is what it would be like for poeple who have had circumsicions? and is the main reson... (8 replies)
... This carried over to the 20th Century, but, before the end of the century, the medical profession concluded that NO valid reasons for automatic infant male circumsion existed. ... (23 replies)
... is keeping the foreskin tightly how it is. maybe this has something to do with the reason it wont stretch i dont know. i have been thinkin about maybe getting a circumsion but im not sure yet. ... (15 replies)
Frenulum breve
Mar 22, 2003
... I have read several articles on frenulum breve and remain somewhat confused about the issue. I have always had a tight foreskin but over the years have been able to pul it back to expose the glands, but it remains very tight and will spring back at the earliest opportunity. When it is pulled back it strangles the head of the penis and although it does not cause the head to... (2 replies)
... De Lou, do you know of any safe ways a circumsized male can clean his penis. I seem to have a dark ring around my penis, i guess from the childhood circumsion. Is there any over the counter products that could get rid of it? (12 replies)
... I posted a message on the Mens Anatomy board aweek or so ago, but have still had no response. I have been having penis problems for around a year now. I picked up an infection which was cleared up with cream under the foreskin, but ever since then I have suffered from feeling like my penis head is sensitive, (not to touch, I'm just always aware of it), and I seem to suffer... (5 replies)
Oct 9, 2002
... And if you don't mind me asking, why are you having circumsion done? ... (7 replies)

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