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... I'm just wondering if I overwashed my penis to the point of doing some harm to it. ... (13 replies)
... just feel the pleasure and try to get your penis wet in a natural way. Natural lubrication is always the best. Also, if you have much smegma, you should wash it off with warm water when you take a shower. ... (7 replies)
Penis Health
Aug 23, 2010
... he glans of my penis. It turned out to be Smegma, because I have not been able to retract my foreskin. I have been stretching it and can now retract it enough to clean it. However since I've been cleaning it there is an area of redness where I've cleaned some smegma off. ... (1 replies)

... You don't have to wipe with toilet paper, unless you want to. You need to be able to pull the foreskin back all the way to wash the groove behind the head. Smegma, made from dead skin and lubricating oils, can collect over time if not washed away. If you don't, perhaps nothing will happen. Perhaps the head will get red and irritated. If you are not able to wash properly,... (48 replies)
... I know it is common for a lot of us uncut guys to have smegma under the the foreskin of our penis. But recently I have noticed that smegma comes back fast in my penis. ... (4 replies)
... I am circumcised and I can assure you there is no pain or uncomfortableness whatsoever when the head of my penis comes in contact with my clothes. ... (8 replies)
... I really did not know you had to clean the inside of your penis so I've never done that my entire life. I'm 17 by the way. I guess I'm really late knowing this and it was common sense to clean inside? ... (47 replies)
... My feeling was that it was smegma, But is that really so hard to clean off? ... (6 replies)
... covered in smegma and its super super dry, almost hurts to pull the foreskin back. ... (1 replies)
White crust
Sep 7, 2004
... this is most likely smegma. it is made from dead skin cells and fat. its purpose is to lubricate the foreskin, so that it does not stick to the head of the penis or the head of the clitoris on females. if there is a lot of it, it probably means that the foreskin and head are separating. ... (9 replies)
... Welcome, I'm uncut too so I sorta understand what you're dealing with. Yes, the head of your penis is going to be sensitive...remember, its been covered and stays covered alot. You can work with this, and no it really shouldn't sting. ... (3 replies)
... But my question is,,, how do I clean there cos there is LOADS of what I guess is smegma. ... (12 replies)
... I am 27 and had never even seen my penis head before, and was not even aware that this was abnormal. ... (4 replies)
... squeeze the head of your penis firmly to push the blood back out of it, thus making it smaller, and allowing the foreskin to slide back over the head. ... (47 replies)
... y produces naturally so I was never really obsessed with it. My mum used to always remind me when going to the GP to have a careful wash "down there" and put on clean briefs. ... (13 replies)
... Okay, had phimosis since I hit puberty some 25 years ago. It's never caused any issues. I run the shower down there to clean when I shower. It never caused problems in regards to any of the uses of the penis if you see what I mean. It just doesn't retract due to the narrow opening. ... (7 replies)
... Then, just give it a quick rinse of water, or a bit of soap and water, making sure any bits of smegma wash off. Then put your foreskin back, and that's it. ... (2 replies)
Jun 15, 2011
... t using my fingers, whilst in the shower, because I thought "Im going to have to desensitive the glans anyway by touching it, might as well start by cleaning the smegma as well" Wasn't comfortable at all, but I stuck with it, and its pretty clean now. ... (16 replies)
... You sound like me when I first discovered how to pull back my foreskin in my teenage years. No one told me how to clean my dick either. ... (47 replies)
... doubts about whether it's worthwhile being able to retract your foreskin with or without an erection. It is essential to retract the foreskin in the shower and clean that whole area at least once a day. ... (18 replies)

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