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... Unleashed, a few items that came from this as positive. First, you are starting to clean under the foreskin. This helps prevent some issues, mostly with smell but some with bacteria. Smegma is normally produced, so its good to check. ... (3 replies)
... Many men come to this site seeking help for tight foreskin problems. To avoid constant repetition I have tried to write instructions in one place. ... (1 replies)
... There is a difference between "phimosis" and a tight foreskin. Phimosis is a medical condition usually treated by doctors. ... (5 replies)

... Also a yeast infection of the foreskin can cause it to tighten. ... (5 replies)
... small splits right at the tip of my foreskin, they also have tightened the tip slightly i believe, or it is just the pain when trying to pull my foreskin back that is stopping me from doing so. ... (14 replies)
Oct 5, 2012
... If you can retract your foreskin, do it every day in the shower and run water over the penis head to clean it. When you are able to retract, you can soap up your penis as you wash the rest of your body. ... (3 replies)
... is enough to keep the penis head clean and free of odor. ... (4 replies)
... There are stretching techniques that you can use to fix this. There is a thread stickied under the mens health forum section called 'Stretching To Fix Tight Foreskin (Phimosis)'. It might take time but be patient. As long as you don't feel pain or discomfort whilst you pull the foreskin back or even masturbate, it shouldn't be a problem having sex - lots of men are sexually... (1 replies)
... You two guys are certainly doing the right thing. In many cases, a tight foreskin can be treated successfully by persistent daily stretching. The best time to stretch is after a warm shower or bath when the skin is more supple. ... (18 replies)
... For the moment, don't worry about cleaning the smegma under your foreskin. You have a tight foreskin, so concentrate on loosening it up. ... (1 replies)
... hi guys i am 27 male and uncircumcized i have a tight foreskin , which can not be pulled over the head when fllacid or erect , but i was never having problem with either urinating or masturbating . but it was smelling . ... (5 replies)
... I have heard of guys using a water pic made for teeth cleaning to clean under their tight foreskin. This is not common but I have heard that it works. ... (2 replies)
... I never had physiological phimosis. I injured my foreskin initially due to hitting my wife's Mirena IUD during sex a few times. ... (0 replies)
... I've been living with acquired phimosis for about 5 years now. I know it's acquired because I used to be able to retract my foreskin painlessly and effortlessly. ... (5 replies)
... Wow, I feel for you. Living as long as you have with Phimosis must have not been very much fun. The first thing you have to do is see a urologist. ... (7 replies)
... there is no need to pull it lower than that. Your penis might look "constricted" for a while but gradually the foreskin will loosen and your penis will not look "weird". The foreskin will stay behind the corona when you have sex. ... (1 replies)
... fungal cream or gel and it'll clear up in under a week. ... (3 replies)
... Focus on stretching your foreskin before you worry about desensitising your glans or eradicating smegma. ... (1 replies)
... Hello, I am 19 this year and I have some problems regarding my penis. First of all, I have foreskin that is hard to retract, sensitive glans, and smegma collection under my foreskin. ... (1 replies)
... who has had phimosis all his life. ... (0 replies)

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