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... I've been trying to clean my penis religiously lately. However, I'm trying to get an idea of whether you need to use soap or not? ... (6 replies)
... I have just found out about these forums 3 weeks ago and learned many things about an uncut penis that I never knew about. I also have just recently found out about the "pulling back the foreskin" technique and have been working on it for the past week. ... (6 replies)
... proper cleaning is what is proper for you. soap, no soap, whichever works best for you. if you are irritated, try rinsing more thoroughly. leaving a little soap can cause great irritation. if that doesn't do it for you, try no soap, and turn the temperature down a bit. ... (6 replies)

... But I'm here in the US, and I must realize things are different in other parts of the world. If you can keep that area clean only using water, then do what works for you. ... (6 replies)
... Soap is not your problem. You should continue cleaning with soap for hygien. STRONG SOAP is not necessary. You only need a mild soap. One with out all the perfumes in it. Dove is one that is very good and recommended by doctors. ... (3 replies)
... Some intact guys can use soap all their lives with no worries but for others it is the root cause of irritation. Plain water works fine to keep it clean, so it's the safest option. ... (6 replies)
... You say you've had this problem for years? ... (6 replies)
... There are several things that your boyfriend can try, including 1. cleaning his foreskin & head with liquid anti-bacterial soap. 2. cleaning his foreskin & head with alcohol. 3. see his Dr. (8 replies)
... It could also be for a number of other reasons. In fact, there could be a connection between all your symptoms that you'll need your doctor to confirm or deny. ... (5 replies)
... foreskin until I was at least 18 and I never had any infections in that area. Under normal circumstances, male urine is sterile so peeing must help to keep the penis head clean. Of course, masturbation produces fluids, some of which gather under the foreskin. ... (5 replies)
... It could also be for a number of other reasons. In fact, there could be a connection between all your symptoms. ... (5 replies)
... cleaning. Try some different cleaning products to see what works best. There's no other alternative but to see a doctor. This is the cheapest, just try different cleaning methods. Remember to stay away from the perfumed soaps and body wash. Dove soap or body wash is a good choice to start with. ... (3 replies)
... I would not recommend putting antibiotic or any other product on your penis head to eradicate smell. ... (4 replies)
... a mucous membrane. Alcohol would sting like crazy and irritate these delicate mucous membranes. It would be like using alcohol inside the vagina. The circumcised penis is keratinised and the membranes that are left are not quite as delicate but I still don't think I would let anyone put alcohol on my glans. ... (8 replies)
... Geoff, I am sorry but I have to disagree. Alcohol is an antiseptic that is good for cleaning the skin... They use it to prep both adults and babies skin in the hospitals before procedures all of the time... ... (8 replies)
... This must be really frustrating for you, particularly as you and your medical experts seem to have exhausted all possible avenues for a cause. The only ideas that came to my mind are ones that you have probably already thought about. Could your condition be caused by a reaction to soap? ... (7 replies)
... Use a soap that doesn't have perfumes, because they will make matters worse. I've use a bit of baby oil, after cleaning with soap and water, and that does the trick with me. ... (4 replies)
Penis Health
Aug 23, 2010
... t to be Smegma, because I have not been able to retract my foreskin. I have been stretching it and can now retract it enough to clean it. However since I've been cleaning it there is an area of redness where I've cleaned some smegma off. ... (1 replies)
... helps open those pores on your scrotum and penis, making cleaning with soap and a wash cloth much easier and more effective for those clogged pores, "blackheads," "pimples," and fordyce spots... ... (5 replies)
Help about penis
Jun 3, 2007
... One thing that will help you for sure, is cleansing. ... (1 replies)

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