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... we even saw a how have sex video but we never learned this and thats very sad.. Please don't laugh or make fun of me or whatever but whats the difference between uncircumsized and circumsized? ... (48 replies)
... I too need help. I am 16 and only recently found out about cleaning my uncircumsized penis. ... (48 replies)
... There are several things that your boyfriend can try, including 1. cleaning his foreskin & head with liquid anti-bacterial soap. 2. cleaning his foreskin & head with alcohol. 3. see his Dr. (8 replies)

... What are you useing to clean your penis with? ... (6 replies)
... I am 25, and have NEVER brought back my foreskin, for cleaning or any other purpose...not sure if my mother did when I was an infant. ... (6 replies)
... As in, what are the results of not cleaning up your penis properly? ... (48 replies)
... than white but lighter than the rest of the glans, and a bit of itchiness but not constantly. It looks wrinkly. I also seem to get smegma buildup easily despite cleaning it regularly. It doesn't look quite like some BXO images I found but it's possible I suppose I have an early stage of it. ... (7 replies)
... en we can help with that as well. First and foremost is to gently work your finger under the foreskin and clean it well. I'd start with just warm water as your penis may be a bit sensitive to soaps or other things. ... (48 replies)
... Hey, I'm 15, uncircumcised, and my parents never told me anything about cleaning or retracting at all. ... (48 replies)
... I am 23 yo. I was never taught about retracting foreskin and cleaning, until yday i retracted my foreskin completely. I found a wight substance on head, whats that?? and how do i clean it, the head is sensitive when i touch it. plz help. (0 replies)
... short term, there can be problems such as balanitis. you would know it if they showed up. long term, never cleaning seems to invite cancer, when HPV viruses are present. ... (6 replies)
... No, there is potential for infection but it is only that. You should start stretching and then cleaning because of the resons I state in those instructions i.e. ... (6 replies)
... My major concern is health related right now. Since I haven't been cleaning under the foreskin, are there any health issues? ... (6 replies)
... eason to be scared. There's lots of good advice here and if you follow it, you'll be fine. It is definitely good to be able to retract all the way back. It makes cleaning much easier, and women who have gotten used to circumsized men only are far less freaked out when they see it. ... (48 replies)
... there are soaps u shold be weary of wen cleaning ur bits, i tryed some coconut soap stuff once and it burnt the living bleep out of my bits, be very careful to not use soaps that dehydrate, ur better off using shower gels...gently (48 replies)
... Well I am 16, and when I was 14 I had the exact same problem as the original poster. Anyway, I fixed it by cleaning the foreskin out with warm water, I had alot of smegma. Also, masturbation helps stretch your forskin. ... (48 replies)
... hot soaking baths, this will help make the foreskin a bit more pliable and easy to stretch. You'll need to pull your foreskin out over the end of your penis and using your fingers, make circular motions inside the foreskin. ... (1 replies)
... It will definately feel uncomfortable because your penis head will be very sensitive. Happens to me aswell because I am also uncircumsized so I actualy need the skin over my penis head as a shield. Practise and a good, understanding partner will make it all good. ... (6 replies)
... Yes, you've had buildup because you haven't been cleaning under there and it's important that you do so. Use some warm water and gently clean it and dry it before you let the foreskin cover the head again. ... (8 replies)
... our foreskin should normally seperate from the head of the penis and begin to move freely about over the head. I'm uncut so totally understand his equipment and what he'll deal with. ... (13 replies)

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