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... I have to say that I am real hesitant about the Androgel from what with JustDave's and others comments in some of the other threads and on some of the BB sites. ... (13 replies)
... I have app't with him in July. Just got the scrip from him for a one week clomid trial. ... (7 replies)
... ears...I didn't realize my inflamatory digestive disease was taxing my entire body...and it wasn't till a very rough stress level patch pushed me beyond the norm and I bottomed out...both in digestive issues, stop eating, lost huge weight etc. along with my T levels collasping was about a 800 dropped to less than 300. ... (51 replies)

... I'm not sure I understand the HCG test you had either. I have read that some tumors secrete HCG including testicular tumors and so they are sometimes measured as a marker for cancer. ... (14 replies)
... I read your message about Clomid with great interest. I am in a similiar situation with my doctor, who is advocating the use of 50 mg of Clomid every other day to attempt to "restart" my pituitary function. I haven't begun taking the Clomid, but I want to move forward with the attempt. ... (51 replies)
... I think it is possible to use clomid for long term use but only if it resolves your problem. ... (7 replies)
Clomid and HCG
Jul 4, 2008
... I had been on androgel for 4 years before seeing Shippen. WHile on androgel I had long periods lasting from weeks to months where I had Ed issues and low libido. Other times I was fine. ... (8 replies)
... Hi, I was hoping to see an educated response to this question, as I've been very interested in the idea of cycling clomid and TRT as well. Anyone out there on such a routine? ... (1 replies)
... I would check into the E1 and E2. It sounds like your worst symptom is fatigue. I'm impressed you have good morning erections with fairly low T levels. ... (5 replies)
... drove me to keep looking. "Seek and ye shall find" I am hoping! ... (21 replies)
... senses the increased T and thinks it no longer needs to make as much so you are then getting only the T from the gel. ... (3 replies)
Clomid and HCG
Jul 3, 2008
... From what you guys have experienced and heard, how effective is HCG monotherapy for most people? ... (8 replies)
Clomid for low T?
Apr 30, 2010
... My doc put me on Clomid in March 2007 as a test to see what it did. ... (38 replies)
... o glad you are finding this all out now instead of years from now like what happened to me. Here is a quick primer on testosterone replacement. The hypothalmus and pituitary in your brain have receptors that sense how much testosterone you have. If its too low then they are supposed to send out more LH to increase it. ... (14 replies)
... any type of T replacement is less than ideal...always better if you can make your own. My doc felt that I had not testicle atrophy and that my inflamatory disease could have been the reason my LH and FSH shut down signialling the testes to make T. ... (51 replies)
... that my system might be able to be jump started with Clomid. So I got off the Androgel and started on the Clomid...test results are encouraging...symptoms are improving... ... (51 replies)
... told me I couldn't be on clomid for more than a year. That's why he changed me to Androgel. ... (51 replies)
... started on wellbutrin sr 150mg every morning to increase the good chemicals in brain. eg. norepinephrine and dopamine. ... (51 replies)
... ll the numbers. It is not surprising you T levels would not go up while on 5 g on androgel. You body stops making it's own T so you are now dependant on the AG and 5g is not enough for most men. ... (21 replies)
... Hi, Does anyone have any thoughts on cycling Androgel with clomid for the purpose of trying to maintain what's left of one's own "T" production and preventing too much testicule shrinkage. ... (1 replies)

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