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... Gels, Injections, HCG and Clomid, which to do for secondary hypogonadism? ... (41 replies)
... years...I didn't realize my inflamatory digestive disease was taxing my entire body...and it wasn't till a very rough stress level patch pushed me beyond the norm and I bottomed out...both in digestive issues, stop eating, lost huge weight etc. ... (51 replies)
... Many of your symptoms can be related to low testosterone. I'm glad to see you had your thyroid checked and it looks normal to me too. Another possible causes could be low in vitamin D and I would suggest having it checked. There are diff. ... (2 replies)

... I took clomid for almost a year with my first Endo....trying to get my T production going. It did help but as soon as I tapered off the dosage my T levels fell. ... (18 replies)
... Thanks for the reply Hayfarmer and Anyman... ... (41 replies)
... It must be injected and they just may not want to bother with that. ... (92 replies)
... I have some mixed news to report regarding the Clomid. I took one 50 mg pill and had a very unpleasant reaction. My eyes hurt badly, so I contacted the doctor and they advised me to not take any more. I would still recommend trying it since my reaction was likely very unusual. ... (51 replies)
... Welcome to Healthboards. This is a great site and I hope you find your time here beneficial. Many here have diverse experiences, thus, can offer lots of support and guidance. ... (14 replies)
... o say i think libido is my number 1 issue. I don't necessarily have that whole "i'm just not having zest for life" issue, or the "blahs" that alot of guys get on low T. and my T is REALLY low! i feel like i'm happy a lot of the's just i wish i was raring to go more, etc. ... (8 replies)
... for the first year and substantially less in following years. ... (41 replies)
... oh, i think you should be happy that you made a wise choice, for so many reasons. It sounds like you are, and that you do realize that. Good for you. ... (30 replies)
... clomid treatment first since I am secondary hypo? ... (41 replies)
... So I thought I was going on injections, I thought wrong. Endo wants me on Androgel for another month, and only at the beginner level of 5, not 10 like I was on Testim. ... (41 replies)
... I agree with Lewis. ALso, your estradiol seems kind of high for such a low T level. ... (4 replies)
... Sincere thanks again for your reply and information Hayfarmer. ... (7 replies)
... d mostly by an enzyme called aromatase. One of the sources of aromatase is fat cells. Sometimes people who have a lot of body fat have high levels of aromatase and this causes them to have high levels of estrogens. ... (30 replies)
... for about a 3 months supply of T cyp and needles. The up and down is not as bad as you think T cyp is absorbed slowly. ... (41 replies)
... About treatment protocol I dont think Dr. Crisler would like it if i discussed that on the forums since everyone situation is different. ... (4 replies)
... Howdy all. I've posted about this before, but let me give a slightly updated and shortened version. ... (0 replies)
... I am still around....I tried the clomid thing but never got the restart and it definitely drove up my E levels as demonstrated by tests and feelling better but not having much libido and ED too. ... (30 replies)

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