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Clomid for low T?
Aug 25, 2010
... I have been on Clomid for about a year now. ... (38 replies)
... Yes,......seems Clomid is the right choice for now. It should really raise your FSH if you are anything like me, which is good for what you are trying to do,.....have a child! ... (30 replies)
... testicle atrophy and that my inflamatory disease could have been the reason my LH and FSH shut down signialling the testes to make T. He therefore put me on the clomid test to see if my system would respond. To date my T levels have risen and all symptoms have improved...though my ED is still and issue to some degree. ... (51 replies)

... till a very rough stress level patch pushed me beyond the norm and I bottomed out...both in digestive issues, stop eating, lost huge weight etc. along with my T levels collasping was about a 800 dropped to less than 300. ... (51 replies)
Clomid for low T?
Apr 30, 2010
... My doc put me on Clomid in March 2007 as a test to see what it did. ... (38 replies)
... I was under impression you couldn't take clomid for long term solution....issues with vision and other nasty long term side effects. I am currently tapering off and planning on seeing Doc mid July. ... (51 replies)
... ll improve your fertility. The problem seems to be high estrogen to me. That will cause your pituitary to send less LH and less FSH quite often. Less LH means low T and less FSH means low sperm count. ... (12 replies)
23 yrs old, low T
Aug 10, 2009
... I don't think I'm primary, because if I was, then I should have high levels of LH and FSH. ... (20 replies)
... I have been on clomid for 1.5 years. Two years ago total T was between 290 and 330. My doctor tried a clomid test with 25 mg 3 times per week. Total T hit 800. He discontinued it and T dropped to 338. ... (51 replies)
... You may be a good canidate for a restart using tamoxifen and clomid since steriods messed your hormones up. You may want to investigate that. ... (12 replies)
... You're on the right track to get off the androgel and run tests for all the hormones. Being off it a week should do before you take labs. ... (1 replies)
... means that your testes still function, but you have an issue with the 'signaling' hormones that tell your testes to make T. The HPTA axis is basically an acronym for the hypothalamus and all of it's connections in the brain. Google HPTA shutdown to do some research if you wish. ... (30 replies)
... Well I wanted to provide the latest update. I have been on Clomid for 3 months and my T is now up to 564! My two prior tests had a median of 299, so this is a vast improvement. ... (14 replies)
... Finally, I stumbled upon a list of low testosterone symptoms and realized that it had all the symptoms I was feeling, hopefully except osteoporosis. ... (16 replies)
... Thanks for taking the time to read my rather lengthy questions. I am a 41 year old male. First had a low T test in 2000. Can't remember the exact number, but high 200s or low 300s, i think. ... (6 replies)
... Your numbers are terrible. You should feel pretty bad with those the low T and high estradiol you have. There are a number of people who have gone back to normal after being on clomid for a period of months. ... (12 replies)
... I have been on androgel for 4 years and just a few weeks ago finally found a Dr that knows what he is doing and he switched me to HCG. Like you, I was only 42 when I started Androgel. ... (56 replies)
... Not sure if my questions fit this board, but for lack of response elsewhere, I thought I'd try anyway. ... (7 replies)
... Many of your symptoms can be related to low testosterone. I'm glad to see you had your thyroid checked and it looks normal to me too. ... (2 replies)
... oh, i think you should be happy that you made a wise choice, for so many reasons. It sounds like you are, and that you do realize that. Good for you. ... (30 replies)

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