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... I've read about a few guys that have been on low dose clomid year round by some guy named Dr Crissler. He is giving his guys like 12.5 mg 2x to 3x weekly or eod. ... (23 replies)
... o say i think libido is my number 1 issue. I don't necessarily have that whole "i'm just not having zest for life" issue, or the "blahs" that alot of guys get on low T. and my T is REALLY low! i feel like i'm happy a lot of the's just i wish i was raring to go more, etc. ... (8 replies)
Clomid for low T?
May 25, 2011
... I just started clomid and I did 50mg ED for 8 days and I crashed so i dropped it down to 12.5mg 2x week. I've read a few posts about guys doing low doses for extended periods of time. Is everything in working order? ... (38 replies)

... your endo probably used the clomid with you to try to restart your production. I took it too it raised my T to 700 but once i got off it went back down to 200. ... (1 replies)
Clomid for low T?
Apr 27, 2010
... My endo did not consider keeping me on Clomid outside of that 6 month period, but I really did not press her about it either. ... (38 replies)
... I'm really looking for help here... I'm 35, and in good shape. I've had low T for several years. ... (1 replies)
... I expect to be starting TRT myself because I doubt the Clomid did anything for me. I really didn't feel any different at all. I basically tried the Clomid challenge in case I was one of the very few that manage to get a restart of the HPTA. ... (30 replies)
... I am still around....I tried the clomid thing but never got the restart and it definitely drove up my E levels as demonstrated by tests and feelling better but not having much libido and ED too. ... (30 replies)
... HQ I am on clomid....about 6+ months now for restart of T production...numbers have increased but are still not where I would like them.... have you tried clomid? wondering if results are better vs. HCG what is the difference in them? Lou (11 replies)
... Just got my results and much to my amazement the brief 7 day low dose treatment made a difference. ... (26 replies)
... Well you description is similar to mine a few years ago. I got secondary H and went to an endo for treatment. I had me on varying levels of clomid for a year plus. I only saw results at highest levels 50mg EOD. Soon as I tapered so did my numbers. I never was able to get over 500 with Clomid either. ... (8 replies)
... Low dose clomid is now being offered by some cutting edge Drs to stimulate LH and FSH when it's being supressed by supplemental T. ... (23 replies)
... I am familiar as well with Crisler signing on to the Clomid long term. My doc seems to follow a lot of Shippen's protocols it seems. ... (30 replies)
... OK. Gotcha. Good explanation on the hypothalamus and how Clomid works. Yeah, maybe I screwed up by getting frustrated and moving to HCG. I suppose Clomid doesn't cause that sharp spike in E2 like HCG at certain doses does. I just kept reading that people felt better on HCG. ... (19 replies)
... that he is now offering his TRT patients a long term low dose Clomid treatment as opposed to TRT. The dosage would be 12. ... (30 replies)
Clomid for low T?
Apr 30, 2010
... Thanks for the response. I saw my endo this morning and she agreed to let me stay on a low dose of Clomid for a year. ... (38 replies)
... May add low dose clomid or HCG next once levels hit acceptable range. ... (30 replies)
... I was prescribed 25mg Clomid for seven nights. Unfortuantely, I had severe side effects from the drug and had to quit after 3 days. ... (2 replies)
... levels up and lowered my libido and overall confidence.The DR said it was the estrogen competing with the Testosterone so they gave me Anastrozole.Worked good at low dose combined with clomid for a while.Looking for a new approach now.Clomid doesnt seem to be a long term least for me. ... (6 replies)
... (30 replies)

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