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... ll improve your fertility. The problem seems to be high estrogen to me. That will cause your pituitary to send less LH and less FSH quite often. Less LH means low T and less FSH means low sperm count. ... (12 replies)
... Measure FSH and LH and total testosterone to see if FSH is low. FSH is what stimulates the testicles to make sperm. If it is low you might be able to try to treat the issue that is making it low. Often clomid may work but it gets very complicated. ... (1 replies)
... Many of us here have low testosterone and so the feeling would be similar as far as masculinity goes. ... (3 replies)

... is a quick primer on testosterone replacement. The hypothalmus and pituitary in your brain have receptors that sense how much testosterone you have. If its too low then they are supposed to send out more LH to increase it. If it is too high they send out less LH. ... (14 replies)
... I had previously done alot of research on testosterone replacement therapy and it all said that it has a terrible affect on sperm count. ... (8 replies)
... Hi lexer, I am also sure that my testicles are fine as my sperm count is very good. I just retested for semen analysis and my sperm came back 116 which is very good. ... (7 replies)
... Clomid is a prescription drug and you will need to find a fertility doctor to help guide you through the process. Clomid may not be enough depending upon why your husband started taking testosterone. ... (9 replies)
Low testosterone
May 8, 2009
... You need a new Dr. Are you done having children? If so then ask for testosterone replacement therapy. 200mg ED will work wonders. Your libido will increase as will, muscle mass, sense of well being and fatigue. Things that will decrease is fatigue. Be sure you ask to get some HCG or HMG as well to help restore your testicular volume. Have you tried a run of HCG... (1 replies)
... necessary to stimulate sperm growth. The result will be a zero sperm count. ... (9 replies)
... theoretically, a person in my situation (trying to conceive), could go on TRT so long as a low dose of HCG is part of the treatment - as that saves sperm count/fertility. I feel like i brought this up to my real forward looking Urologist at a T friendly clinic around Boston, and he said "no." either that or i read a urologist say that it is not a good idea... (8 replies)
... Thank you so much! I had a good feeling this was the culprit! I can't believe how far this sets us back! So frustrating..... (9 replies)
Low testosterone ?
Jul 23, 2006
... They said his sperm count was borderline I don't know if that means low or what. ... (8 replies)
... my T up soon. I advised I don't want to go that route due to what I have read about its aromatizing effects as well as my original concerns of shrinking testes, sperm count and semen volume. He said I could take only 1 day off from the Clomid and see if that helped. ... (0 replies)
... Your doctor is probably not familiar with using clomid or HCG on men. ... (12 replies)
... You touched on my biggest fear. I'm visiting an endo for the first time this afternoon and he is like 69 or 70 years old. I'm afraid he is going to be caught up in old school methods or was to treat this. Is anyone else being treated for this is NJ/NY area? If you found a great (or even good) doctor I'd love to hear who he/she is. (37 replies)
... No problem, glad to help. Low FSH will cause lower sperm count, fsh is responsible for production of sperm. The great thing about HCG is even though it mimics LH it will still help produce sperm and keep fertility. ... (37 replies)
... There is also HMG, human menopausal gonadotropin, but it is expensive and there is no big advantage to HCG unless you want a high sperm count and large testicles. I have read it is better at increasing testicle size. ... (2 replies)
... I would check into the E1 and E2. It sounds like your worst symptom is fatigue. I'm impressed you have good morning erections with fairly low T levels. Maybe your T is naturally lower than the average.....everyone is different. ... (5 replies)
... read it. It seems you did respond to the clomid but did not like the side effects from it. This tells me your problem is probably with your hypothalmus. ... (13 replies)
... like" symptoms were suspicious, but it is unclear if those were related to a low t level. ... (19 replies)

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