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... o say i think libido is my number 1 issue. I don't necessarily have that whole "i'm just not having zest for life" issue, or the "blahs" that alot of guys get on low T. and my T is REALLY low! i feel like i'm happy a lot of the's just i wish i was raring to go more, etc. ... (8 replies)
... Yes,......seems Clomid is the right choice for now. It should really raise your FSH if you are anything like me, which is good for what you are trying to do,.....have a child! ... (30 replies)
... lost close to 20 pounds, and most of it is muscle. Probably some bone loss in there as well, but I can tell most is muscle. My strength and endurance is also way low compared to a couple years ago when this first started with me. ... (30 replies)

... your endo probably used the clomid with you to try to restart your production. I took it too it raised my T to 700 but once i got off it went back down to 200. ... (1 replies)
... I won't detail my entire journey trying to treat low T, I will summarize and get to the point of the question in the title of this thread. ... (4 replies)
... I have some mixed news to report regarding the Clomid. I took one 50 mg pill and had a very unpleasant reaction. My eyes hurt badly, so I contacted the doctor and they advised me to not take any more. I would still recommend trying it since my reaction was likely very unusual. It's ultimately up to the individual to see how they will react to any medication, but in my case... (51 replies)
... I too found out I had low T due to body shutting down after a chronic illness. Regular doc placed me on helped but I was not thrilled at being on it for life etc. ... (51 replies)
... t till a very rough stress level patch pushed me beyond the norm and I bottomed out...both in digestive issues, stop eating, lost huge weight etc. along with my T levels collasping was about a 800 dropped to less than 300. ... (51 replies)
... s, but what are you gonna do. Living with low T is really not an option given the outward, and inward havoc it causes. So good on you! ... (30 replies)
... Thanks for taking the time to read my rather lengthy questions. I am a 41 year old male. First had a low T test in 2000. Can't remember the exact number, but high 200s or low 300s, i think. ... (6 replies)
... range on the HCG, but dropped back to my previous testosterone lows before I started on the HCG. No one knows what caused my low testosterone, but I did have depression for years and took Zoloft for about 15 years. ... (51 replies)
... Primary hypogonadism means your leydig cells in your testes do not work properly any longer. In other words they can't make T no matter the amount of stimulation. ... (30 replies)
Clomid for low T?
Apr 30, 2010
... My doc put me on Clomid in March 2007 as a test to see what it did. ... (38 replies)
... I'm really looking for help here... I'm 35, and in good shape. I've had low T for several years. ... (1 replies)
... headed by a guy that wrote one of the definitive books on Low T. It's great since it's 1 mile from my house. ... (8 replies)
... Marc hope it works out for you....TRT is working for me....muscle and energy are back....if E2 straightens out maybe libido and ED will wain. I have mental libido, want to do it, but once I start I have loose desire to finish and what erection quality I have fades with it. Also orgasm and ejaculation is moderate to weak at best. That part is stressing me and killing my... (30 replies)
Low T questions
Nov 5, 2007
... I think" it was suggested that Clomid could be taken instead of Testosterone supplementation to produce naturally. If one of you guys are taking Clomid, please tell me why again, etc. ... (28 replies)
Clomid for low T?
Aug 17, 2007
... Another issue that I am hoping might have caused the low T is sleep apnea. ... (15 replies)
... I expect to be starting TRT myself because I doubt the Clomid did anything for me. I really didn't feel any different at all. I basically tried the Clomid challenge in case I was one of the very few that manage to get a restart of the HPTA. ... (30 replies)
... could fix that. And he believes that Clomid helps with fertility. ... (8 replies)

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