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... Many of your symptoms can be related to low testosterone. I'm glad to see you had your thyroid checked and it looks normal to me too. ... (2 replies)
... all said I should be fine and never went on how I actually feel so I haven't experienced being past the low 400 range nor did they change the type of medicine, like to will be interesting to see how much a difference an increase will be. ... (41 replies)
... Don't give up! Keep looking for someone who specializes in treatment of low T. ... (92 replies)

... Clomid treatment just to see another possibility. ... (41 replies)
... range on the HCG, but dropped back to my previous testosterone lows before I started on the HCG. No one knows what caused my low testosterone, but I did have depression for years and took Zoloft for about 15 years. ... (51 replies)
... We went to the doctor and along with abdominal pain, he mentioned this and she checked his testosterone too. VERY low. ... (6 replies)
... I had symptoms of low T but they were all subtle and I just attributed them to aging...lower libido, anxiety, stress, concentration issues etc. ... (51 replies)
... with either HCG and Clomid or maybe shots. ... (41 replies)
... If not, I will contact Dr. Shippen. Two month wait doesn't seem to bad considering if I could try HCG and Clomid to "possibly" get me back to normal without having to take any more drugs, I would be happy. ... (41 replies)
... only 42 when I started Androgel. If it has not been mentioned you should know it will essentially make you sterile in case you plan to have more children. Any testosterone replacement will do this because the pituitary will stop sending LH and FSH to the testicles and the testicles will shut down and atrophy. ... (56 replies)
... Hi there, I was recently diagnosed with low testosterone: test 1 6/9/07 total:169 (low) % free:1.91 free:32.2 (low) test 2 (15 replies)
... Hey NenoFUry, Can Clomid correct the offset done to the hypothalimic gonadal axis by direct testosterone supplementation? ... (26 replies)
... ask for a short but detailed list history and synopsis. You may need to be everything for weeks or longer to get to an accurate baseline. Odds are, he'll do the clomid test first and have the results in hand before you meet. This way you hit the ground running. I doubt he'll work with another Dr., but you could ask. ... (41 replies)
... I've read about a few guys that have been on low dose clomid year round by some guy named Dr Crissler. He is giving his guys like 12.5 mg 2x to 3x weekly or eod. ... (23 replies)
... this is for one shot a week at 100mg of Testosterone Enanthate. ... (41 replies)
... lmus, not the pituitary. It blocks the receptors that determine if T is high enough or not. The hypothalmus sends GnRH to the pituitary when it thinks T is too low which tells the pituitary to make more LH. So, if LH goes up when on clomid it tells you the problem is not with the pituitary, it is low GnRH. ... (17 replies)
... I took clomid for almost a year with my first Endo....trying to get my T production going. It did help but as soon as I tapered off the dosage my T levels fell. ... (18 replies)
... wks would be primarily diagnostic, not a long term T management solution. Would the treatment paths be different if the culprit was found to be the hypothalmus vs the pituitary? ... (12 replies)
... Well couple things.... A restart is just that...clomid to try to get your body making T once again. I tried it for over a year. When on 50mg EOD I had a decent rise in T levels but still struggled with low libido/ed. Soon as I tapered on it I lost any benefits. So basically I didn't restart. If you restart it should happen fairly quickly....start at 50mg dose and then... (23 replies)
... Low LH means your husband's testicles will eventually shrink, they must already be showing some signs of softness given his low LH and low T. Low LH and low FSH means he is most likely already infertile, or soon will be. ... (6 replies)

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