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... am one of his patients and I am doing pretty good with his treatment. You may end up on T injections afterall but he will probably try HCG first if he feels the clomid test was not a success. ... (5 replies)
... Anyman, I think the clomid test means the problem is in your hypothalmus. I think I posted that above somewhere but maybe its in another thread. ... (26 replies)
... I have recently started a 1 week clomid test that my doctor has put me on in hopes of identifying the root cause of my low t. ... (12 replies)

... I took the clomid for 7 days and stopped. ... (26 replies)
... i have read about some of you useing clomid to work with your hpta and i started seeing a new dr and talked to him about this and he put me on tamoxifen and i think that it dos the same thing? ... (2 replies)
... You should be able to live as you normally do while on the clomid test. I would not binge drink but social drinking should be fine. Dr. Shippens book suggests no more than 2 drinks per day. ... (12 replies)
... I think you are right. have you checked your cholestrol after you stopped statins and took clomid (which raised your T). (26 replies)
... day for 7 days and testing on day eight. Just curious what experience others have had with the clomid test and DHEA scores. ... (5 replies)
... I have already seen Shippen. I don't know why he waited to give me the clomid test until after our first meeting. I had some pretty extensive bloodwork going in to that, and our next appt should be by phone. ... (26 replies)
... Your results, although with higher numbers, are quite similar to mine. A successful clomid test is generally where T goes from, say, 300 to 650 or so. You went up, but not quite as far sa you'll need to. ... (5 replies)
... Just when I thought there may be some hope, I am now beginning to realize that I may NOT have done all that well on the clomid test. I feel as though what little hope I had has been cut out from under me. ... (26 replies)
... Got a request for blood work and scrip back from Dr. Shippen. My appointment is in July. He wants me to to the "clomid" test for a week and then be retested for T, FSH, LH, Cortisol, DHEAS serum, Estradiol, DHT and IGF-1 on the eighth day. The diagnosis written is hypogonadism, adrenal hyperplasia and somatrophin deficiency. Never heard of the last 2. Lets's see where... (5 replies)
... for a week and then test to see if LH went up. If so, clomid may work for you or it may be that your estrogen is too high and you can do something to bring that down to solve the problem. ... (1 replies)
... I stopped about a month after the first T test which came up 222 total, 30.5 free. The doc insisted there was no link, but to his credit he was the one who tested T, prolactin, LH, FSH, TSH, etc. ... (26 replies)
... binding. So now your hypothalmus thinks your T is way too low and it sends more GnRH. At least this is my understanding. So, you can now try a higher dose of clomid and possibly selegiline as a fix. See what Shippen says and let me know. I would love to know what he does for you. Ask him about testing for total estrogens. ... (26 replies)
... testicle atrophy and that my inflamatory disease could have been the reason my LH and FSH shut down signialling the testes to make T. He therefore put me on the clomid test to see if my system would respond. To date my T levels have risen and all symptoms have improved...though my ED is still and issue to some degree. ... (51 replies)
... I will suggest the clomid test to him....really hate however to be off of any replacement therapy as the side effects really suck. ... (21 replies)
... I was prescribed 25mg Clomid for seven nights. Unfortuantely, I had severe side effects from the drug and had to quit after 3 days. ... (2 replies)
... The clomid was only a test but he has told me if it works you can just be treated with clomid. I"m betting if you take 50 mg a day it might work better but we'll see what he says. ... (26 replies)
... I was under impression you couldn't take clomid for long term solution....issues with vision and other nasty long term side effects. I am currently tapering off and planning on seeing Doc mid July. ... (51 replies)

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