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... s, but what are you gonna do. Living with low T is really not an option given the outward, and inward havoc it causes. So good on you! ... (30 replies)
... or "aggresive" with my work, etc etc. I feel like i get intimidated by high level execs, etc. I don't know if that has anything to do with T levels, but it well could. I suppose though, i've always had a certain amount of insecurity, etc... ... (8 replies)
... Well you description is similar to mine a few years ago. I got secondary H and went to an endo for treatment. I had me on varying levels of clomid for a year plus. I only saw results at highest levels 50mg EOD. Soon as I tapered so did my numbers. I never was able to get over 500 with Clomid either. ... (8 replies)

... You should be able to live as you normally do while on the clomid test. I would not binge drink but social drinking should be fine. Dr. Shippens book suggests no more than 2 drinks per day. ... (12 replies)
... I had a doctors appt. with the GP. He, unlike my last endo, wants to see my symptoms through, thankfully. ... (37 replies)
... Hi, I was hoping to see an educated response to this question, as I've been very interested in the idea of cycling clomid and TRT as well. Anyone out there on such a routine? ... (1 replies)
... Also there are drugs like HGC and Clomid which tell the body to boost production. The side effects are much less with these and I am told it is much easier to stop using them if you find you don't need them any longer. Ie. you find what is causing your problem. ... (22 replies)
... then supplements and HCG may or may not be sufficient to boost the signal to the testes. For me I tried clomid to address this issue and alas it was insufficient. ... (19 replies)
... depressant or clomid challenge or tamoxifen. ... (22 replies)
... I expect to be starting TRT myself because I doubt the Clomid did anything for me. I really didn't feel any different at all. I basically tried the Clomid challenge in case I was one of the very few that manage to get a restart of the HPTA. ... (30 replies)
... I am familiar as well with Crisler signing on to the Clomid long term. My doc seems to follow a lot of Shippen's protocols it seems. ... (30 replies)
... Be warned though you need Dr. who really knows how to treat with TRT. Most times it will take more than just the T to make things better. ... (23 replies)
... I've read about a few guys that have been on low dose clomid year round by some guy named Dr Crissler. He is giving his guys like 12.5 mg 2x to 3x weekly or eod. ... (23 replies)
... that he is now offering his TRT patients a long term low dose Clomid treatment as opposed to TRT. The dosage would be 12. ... (30 replies)
... I have mental libido, want to do it, but once I start I have loose desire to finish and what erection quality I have fades with it. Also orgasm and ejaculation is moderate to weak at best. That part is stressing me and killing my if I can get that fixed I am good. ... (30 replies)
... First you need a new doc. Sounds like he really know little of treatment with TRT First after two years of use if testim you are completely shut down. Testiclar shrinkage is expected not rare Clomid is used for a restart prior to going on TRT or after one goes off TRT and hopes to jump start their natural production back online Clomid isn't for long term... (1 replies)
Clomid for low T?
May 25, 2011
... I just started clomid and I did 50mg ED for 8 days and I crashed so i dropped it down to 12.5mg 2x week. I've read a few posts about guys doing low doses for extended periods of time. ... (38 replies)
Clomid for low T?
Apr 27, 2010
... My endo did not consider keeping me on Clomid outside of that 6 month period, but I really did not press her about it either. ... (38 replies)
... some bone loss in there as well, but I can tell most is muscle. My strength and endurance is also way low compared to a couple years ago when this first started with me. ... (30 replies)
... Boscot, did you try Clomid or HCG before? ... (9 replies)

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