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Shrinkage of Penis
Feb 28, 2010
... over the past 3 years it seems like my flaccid penis is shrinking. There is no difference in size when I'm erect, but my normal faccid size today is similar to a cold shrinkage size years ago. Is this just a normal part of aging? ... (0 replies)
Mar 12, 2004
... I've had shrinkage before but mine is usually from mental stress, not physical, and of course from being cold and wet like after swimming in a cold pool. If fact when I get hot and sweaty I usually show better. ... (5 replies)
... With winter camping season almost here I got to thinking about this- On an average room temperature day my penis is about 4-5" flacid. When I get really cold like when winter camping or even when they have the A/C crankin at work, I get real serious shrinkage. My penis sort of looks like an hourglass shape, real skinny in the middle. This makes it hard to urinate, the flow is... (3 replies)

... Your testicles/scrotum have an internal thermometer that controls the temperature of things down there, sperm stays healthy at a certain temperature and being too warm/cold is bad for it. So, at times your scrotum will pull things in closer to your body to keep them warm (you'll notice this after a swim or being cold) and they lower when things are warm. Also, as part of... (1 replies)
... The cremaster muscle. It is inside of the scrotum and extends into the groin. It pulls the testicles up towards a man's body when cold ("shrinkage" for all you Seinfeld fans!) and lets them hang more free when hot thereby ensuring the proper temperature for successful and healthy sperm production. Another little known purpose is it controls testicular contractions during a... (5 replies)
... I'm a healthy and sexual 30 year old. I have normal sized balls, but often, and for no reason I can tell (like cold) they shrink up to a small size. This is especially true during sex/masturbation. Sometimes one even slides up a bit, they get so tight. They do not hurt, and it has never caused me problems. And many times they stay normal, and get just slightly tighter... (9 replies)
... wo I spent in Colorado, skiing. Again, I noticed improved stamina, but lowered libido and testicular shrinkage. I liked the extra energy, and wrote off the the shrinkage to the cold skiing conditions. ... (6 replies)
... You bet, cold weather and such will cause major shrinkage...might try "working" it a bit to help lessen the restrition due to the cold. Not a whole lot else one can do! ... (3 replies)
... I also have cold hands and feet most of the time with pain finger nails, is there a correlation? ... (0 replies)
... Lol..No need to worry. Hot water causes wrinkles at times. Unless your erections shrink or change, you are okay. Your penis head will go thru many changes in appearance as you age. Most of us don't notice them, because we don't really take time to exam it closely. the wrinkes may and may not go away. If they don't, so what. Every man has something about their penis that they... (3 replies)
... Here's where we are now: I went to my doc again and told him I felt nothing from the shots so he increased to 1cc every 2 weeks (.5 per wk as stated by hangiron). I spoke with him about the testicle and penile shrinkage and he insists that they "are a good size and placement is fine" (a direct quote). When I told him I know my body as I've had it for 34 years he said... (12 replies)
... Even before taking the Androgel I noticed shrinkage, I just thought it was from cold weather despite it's 103 here. ... (27 replies)
... o normal color. The line is NOT WHERE your hair grows. If it is...its merely coincidental. What the line is is where your scrotum stops its expansion in heat and shrinkage in the cold. ... (81 replies)

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