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Color of sperm
Sep 26, 2006
... If I remember, old sperm might tend to yellow. I'm not sure about that though. Sometimes infections or the presence of blood may give sperm a yellowish or brown discoloration. Have you had any infections or pain in urinating lately? ... (2 replies)
Color of sperm
Sep 27, 2006
... i dont think that's old sperm because i have made a test like the one you are asking for, masturbated , then waited 1 day, then masturbated the next day, and in all cases it was yellow. ... (2 replies)
Color of sperm
Sep 25, 2006
... my ejaculated or masturbated sperm are somehow yellow. ... (2 replies)

... Sperm is the thick white substance in semen. I've read that what we eat can make a difference in the color of our ejaculation. Have you changed eating habits by chance? ... (3 replies)
Sperm Problem
Dec 31, 2007
... My Sperm look's wrong to me, when I finish my sperm look like greenish color , and it dont come out rignt of way i need to press it . ... (0 replies)
... e crystals in semen are what got me talking about kidney stones. Kidney stones are actually not a likely cause, but crystals in semen are not normal at all. What color are they? ... (10 replies)
Semen Color
Jun 27, 2002
... no sperm in it? ... (3 replies)
... Actual sperm cells are jelly like and yellowish in color. Certainly, if the ejaculatory semen is clumpy and abnormal there may be reason to see a doc. ... (8 replies)
... You're going to love this answer! What you're describing it totally normal, its the actual sperm in your ejaculation. One of the things no one ever really tells us is that an ejaculation contains two types of fluid. ... (1 replies)
Discolored Sperm
Jun 3, 2017
... yellow color. Also, it does not shoot it kind of drips out. Someone help me! Does it have to do with my diet. I am 6'1 and weigh 175 and eat relatively healthy. Thank you! ... (0 replies)
... a bit. I had a semen analysis performed just before the surgery, and sperm count and motility were all normal, so thankfully the varicocele wasn't screwing that up. Although it probably would have eventually if I didn't get it fixed. ... (7 replies)
... Semen is produced by at least three glands. The consistency and color can change with what you have had for fluids, how long since your last ejaculation, how active each of the three glands are, etc. ... (2 replies)
... That's normal. The semen consistency and color will change from time to time. It can range from very clumpy and thick, to clear and watery. ... (2 replies)
Brownish sperm
Jan 1, 2002
... had turned brownish. Is this some sign of an STD? ... (1 replies)
Chunky *** ?
Jun 17, 2003
... Its normal for the semen texture, consistency, and color to vary from time to time. Its also normal for it to be clumpy and thick sometimes. As to what causes these changes, I don't know. ... (8 replies)
Jul 15, 2003
... thanks lance but the gelatin pieces are seperate from the general sperm. It is as if you have the regular sperm concistency and then throw in these little - about the size of round pin heads- and they are in the sperm. they are firm and elastic like, yellowish clear in color, they may be for a week but no longer.thanks for any help. (8 replies)
Please help me
Oct 8, 2010
... Hello Thank you very much for your reply... Here after no any more massage and No sex. Now going to do a HIV test. Thats good for to clear my mind. I just want to know one more thing... That indecent was happen 5 days back. Am I eligible for HIV test today ? Please let me know.. Again many many thanks for your reply. (3 replies)
Please help me
Oct 8, 2010
... sure that she washes her hands well before she starts work on each client. You don't get infected from just a touch like that. If she was just touching the top of the penis, she would not be getting sperm on her hands...and I am sure that that didn't happen. ... (3 replies)
... so it would increase my Testosterone levels, but also Estradiol, and DHT. So if i take a lot of tribulus i would have to take those Blockers too? ... (5 replies)
... That's a normal bodily process...every part of one's skin sweats. ... (5 replies)

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