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May 30, 2003
... What kind of condoms do u guys use? ... (4 replies)
Jun 21, 2003
... Hey, first I will state I'm uncircomsized. I was wondering when Im hard, my forskin does not automatically retract (is this normal) and when putting on a condom am I suppost to pull my forskin back or just leave it? Also can you tell me if there are any real disadvantages/advantages between types of condoms, I have seen for instance "ultra thing lubricated condom" and... (3 replies)
... Myself and my girlfriend have been dating for over a year, initially when we started having sex we used condoms as she was not on the pill. ... (0 replies)

... Also, I bought a couple of Naturalamb skin membrane condoms, to use to see if i was indeed allergic or skin sensitive to latex and its lubricants. The Naturalamb condoms is made of lamb skin membrane, and is lubricated with a water base lubricant. Upon using these condoms, i found that the red bumps would not appear. ... (7 replies)
... uld be handy if it could stay back on its own. Condom use for example, would be easier I hope to use a condom, putting it on. Im a little wider than normal and condoms are difficult to put on, lots of skin stretching. im almost 6 inches long, condoms are around 8 or 9. ... (6 replies)
... Are polyurethane condoms stronger than latex condoms? ... (1 replies)
... The only way you will know what you are allergic to is by pinpointing the cause. Try switching to non-spermicidal latex condoms (with lubricant); if you still experience a rash, switch to non-lubricated latex condoms; if a rash persists, try a non-latex condom (lamb skin or other alternatives). I am allergic to common spermicide used in condoms. It does cause a small rash... (4 replies)
Need help
Dec 25, 2003
... i need some help my girlfriend and i recently started having sex and she was the first time and i used condoms with spermicide cuz im really scared of getting her pregnant and i guess she has something that dosent like those condoms to well because she has really bad pains in her vagina for a few days after we use them and so she dosent want to use condoms when it comes down... (5 replies)
Oct 20, 2003
... thin condoms, which are not as strong as other condoms AND I've been using a lubricant, which reduces the possibility of breakage. ... (7 replies)
I've had it!
Oct 20, 2003
... Latex condoms are known for causing allergic reactions in people, to me it doesn't make sense to use a cream and then continue using the same condoms. ... (48 replies)
... And regular size condoms are designed to fit a range of penis girth of 4.5" to 5.5". It sounds like you've never tried on a condom before. ... (3 replies)
Jun 25, 2003
... a full sperm load ends up in the vagina, it may not be enough to prevent a pregnancy, but it doesn't hurt either. The other thing you want to look for, and most condoms have this anyway, is a reservoir tip for the semen to collect. ... (3 replies)
... sensatize it. Condoms always take quite a bit of the sensativity away during sex. We should always use a condom UNLESS WE ARE TRYING TO START A FAMILY, condoms should always be used. Please, if you are going to have sex out side of marriage, take care of yourself and where protection. ... (3 replies)
... This must be really frustrating for you, particularly as you and your medical experts seem to have exhausted all possible avenues for a cause. The only ideas that came to my mind are ones that you have probably already thought about. Could your condition be caused by a reaction to soap? Try cleaning your penis with nothing more than running water and the friction of your... (7 replies)
... The whole debate about the value of circumcision should be ended by considering the apparently obvious fact that extra sensitivity the foreskin provides makes condoms more appealing to men. ... (1 replies)
... To clarify, I was only talking about infection in case that was why you were asking your question, but I should have said, nothing you had said actually sounded like an infection at all. You don't have any reason to worry about infection. Sorry to worry you (if I did). And I don't mean to sound so anti-dairy. Dairy is an excellent protein for fitness and weight loss and... (6 replies)
Tight Foreskin
Nov 17, 2012
... The key is doing it regularly. It gets easier because the skin slowly grows from being gently stretched regularly. This will allow you to clean it fully, so you can be confident in your hygiene in sex. But in order to use your penis for proper/serious sex, you have to stretch the foreskin out enough that it can retract easily even when you have an erection. Don't overdo it... (5 replies)
... it could be a STD. He tested me for herpes and said I didn't have it and that I was probably allergic to condoms. The problem is I'm married now and I don't use condoms anymore and I still have it. ... (1 replies)
... Does using condoms not help? ... (3 replies)
... i'm there are colored condoms and real dark colored ones.. ... (5 replies)

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