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Red scrotum
Oct 25, 2011
... s been a while, so I thought I would follow up on my attempts to treat this with vinegar. After about a week of applying the vinegar twice a day, the skin on the scrotum finally started to peel. This was expected, based on the post describing that it would peel like a sunburn. So far so good. ... (30 replies)
... been seen by over a dozen different doctors with no clue to treat me. Anyhow when I attended this Dr , within 5 minutes he had diagnosed me with painful burning red scrotum syndrome and told me he had successfully treated it before. ... (0 replies)
... the redness on the penis reduced to few patches on the underside but by the time I went to the clinic all was left was a red scrotum ... and what do you know? ... (6 replies)

... I have red scrotum issue since one week. It is irritating me very much. I bought Vitamin E Elovera cream today. It helps to get a cool feeling when i apply it on my testicles. After reading posts from you all i am not sure if the Elovera cream will help or not. ... (0 replies)
... how is you condition now. I,ve read posts where the individual tried the anti-biotics and had relief but the symptoms returned. Thanks. (2 replies)
... After many months of burning pain, visits to several MDs plus prescriptions for various Hydrocortisones and Fungicides, a Dermatologist told me I had Red Scrotum Syndrome. Its cause and cure were a mystery! ... (2 replies)
Burning Scrotum
Jun 3, 2011
... I'm glad I came back to this thread again. I saw it a year ago and dismissed it since I didn't have all of the symptoms. I do have a VERY red sack and it has been that way for almost 3 years now. Here is my story.... ... (44 replies)
... the redness on the penis reduced to few patches on the underside but by the time I went to the clinic all was left was a red scrotum ... and what do you know? ... (84 replies)
... Well I treated it with the over the counter monostat 7. It seemed to clear it up however I had a slight red rash on my penis and scrotum. I went seen a doctor who prescribed me a cream to clear the rash. ... (2 replies)
... weeks if you dont scratch them at all which is easier if they are left open to cool air. ... (84 replies)
... bdawson, hang in there!!! My wife has been way cool on this. I am really proud of her. But I did have to spend some nights on the couch, because I had to spread eagle with the fan blowing on me. ... (22 replies)
... Hey guys, OK ill hafta look into the cerave cream. Just got back from a long weekend. Things are actually looking a little better. Something i did last night i think really helped - after taking ANOTHER shower and before going to bed i put like a towel underneath my sac so there was a barrier between my sac and the rest of me- i did this figuring it would dissipate the... (40 replies)
Red scrotum
Oct 17, 2011
... he listed the ingredients thats in soap and its never going on my skin again. keeping you core temperature down helps alot, he stated many people only try cool their testicles but cooling your entire body helpd more. ... (30 replies)
... Thanks Garth. I have just starteed a course of oral doxycyline and am off the creams. As far as i could make out, the creams made it worse. Now I just just sleep bareball and talk as oftena as possible to keep them cool. I am aslo due my first visit to the dermatologist soon. I ahve also cahnged my dieat, no caffine, sugar, fats and high levels of antioxidant can... (22 replies)
... Chronic extremely sensitive swollen, red, shiny, sweaty skin on both sides of scrotum in a nearly symmetrical pattern with clearly defined perfectly straight borders along the center axis. ... (82 replies)
... ll work for some of you. Yes it was a burning red scrotum but that came later in the story so bare with me. Anyway, in October I had a slight rash under my foreskin. ... (114 replies)
... and chronic red burning strotum. ... (84 replies)
... uptownnotown - we need to figure out if our bumps are the same, for starters. I haven't had bumps in the mouth yet, just very shallow, raw feeling ulcerations and irritations sometimes causing the skin to shed. These flare up and go away rapidly, sometimes with more than one at a time. Often there is a rough texture to areas on the ridges of the roof of my mouth or under my... (84 replies)
... e almost inexplainable, but they are also quite a bit different given the timeframes and the physical appearance of the skin. Although, I have the issue with my scrotum skin being so inflamed it looks like elephant skin and it almost seems like there is liquid beneath the surface. ... (84 replies)
... agree with brian totally used the remedy two days in a row now, only use twice a day with the correct mix,i find using e 45 dermatological cream in between should help,BRIAN i feel has given light and hope to over come this embarrassing situation using the above remedy :angel: and i urge everyone to gve it a shot,will keep in touch with yall,cheers b (137 replies)

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