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... Thanks. I'll look that doctor up. My endocrinologist REALLY seems to want to find the cause--he did a blood test and is now having me do the MRI (with injection) to look at the Pituitary. I don't know what he tested--other than my LH, which was evidently "too low". My PCP just saw high cholesterol and low Testosterone and put me on Androgel--that's why I went to the... (17 replies)
... hour Saliva Cortisol panel done at the beginning of the month. Besides showing that I have a low and "flattened" Cortisol rhythm, they also ran my Sex Hormones from saliva. ... (13 replies)
... This board has helped me learn so much - but there is so much more to know. Any thoughts/advice is much appreciated. I started have weird symptoms in Mid-Nov including what I have seen referred to here as "internal shaking" and sometimes visual tremors. Muscle fatigue, general lethargy, lost 35 pounds, other signs of depression. Treatment with Anti-depressants have... (9 replies)

... I've been posting here for a couple of months and just thought I'd post an update. If anyone is or has gone through something similar I'd like to hear your story. I've been trying to figure out what's wrong with me for a few months. I get light headed, especially when turning and moving alot, my legs ache (especially in the mornings), I've also recently developed hand... (1 replies)
... Hello Im 24 years old, ive had ED for 4 years. Did Research and found out i should check testosterone. I didnt start any hormone replacement for Low T yet. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Test: 02/26/08 Testosterone: 218 (350-1030)... (20 replies)
... I heard Dr. Mariano is also a good doctor from reading the fourms. Good luck to you too. My Situation is below from my old post (just copied and pasted it) About treatment protocol I dont think Dr. Crisler would like it if i discussed that on the forums since everyone situation is different. But i will post my results after treatment. (4 replies)
... a blood Cortisol was only 8. ... (13 replies)
... I am 35 years old. I'm a little overweight and don't do much exercise just because I don't have the energy. Biggest symptoms are depression, fatigue, heat intolerance, sweating, and memory problems. There are many other smaller symptoms too like dry skin, aches and pains, etc. I've been to a few different doctors this year and so far I don't think any of them have a clue... (2 replies)
... About 5 years ago I noticed I am easily irritated, had no libido and inability to maintain erection without either Cialis or Arginine plus Zinc. ... (0 replies)
... Since three years i have been struggling with low sex drive and low libido plus weight gain in my stomach side , initially they found i have hypothyroidism due to positive TPO (Ab), hashimotos. My symptoms are muscles pain/low energy/joint pain/low sex drive/muscles weakness and brain fog/loose temper. which are related to thyroid condition also but after 3 years of back and... (7 replies)
... I've been on SERMs for 1 month and got tested. Looks like its working but i hope it stays once ive been off of them for a while. Any comments are appreciated. here are the results: ------------------------------------------------- Before SERMS: 09-09-08 Testosterone Total: 306 Bio Testosterone: 191 (128-430) SHBG: 21 (20-60) % Free Testosterone: 2.6 (1.5-3.2) (0 replies)
... Hey Farmer, I have an update. I went to another Endo for a 2nd opinion, and she ran a battery of tests. Now I'm more confused then before. Here are the results. Cortisol 24.3 (4.3-22.4) T3 Free 3.42 (2.3-4.2) T4 1.64 (0.78-1.80) TSH 1.79 (0.35-5.50 FSH 7.1 (1.6-8.0) GH 0.1 (<=10) (92 replies)
... I've been on Paxil for 10 years due to my anxiety issues (panic disorder off and on + agoraphobia); I'm not phobic about talking in public, debates, performing on stage, fighting, etc....just stupid things like driving and travel, etc. Anyway. I'm 36 years old and vegetarian, but eat fairly well. I'm overweight (5'9", 240lbs) and fairly sedentary; no energy--always tired;... (17 replies)
Low Testosterone
Jul 21, 2012
... I have read numerous posts and find the feedback positive. I will give a little background first. I am 38 and would consider myself very healthy. Approximately 5 months ago, I started to have gut issues. I was eating healthy and exercising but was constantly having bloating and stomach cramping. ... (1 replies)
... rs offered them a one week period then tested testosterone, while others did it for a month period. If I decide to request this, and since I've been on Androderm 5 mg for 5 days now... how long should I stop taking this Androderm before beginning with Clomid? ... (2 replies)
... Thank you very much for your responses. You dont know how much it means because I am so frustrated with my docotrs. My normal doctor is ready to start T replacement. I dont want to start it until we have ruled out all possible causes. He sent me to a endo and the endo says I am fine and no need for anything which just blows me away. In regards to the hemochromatosis,... (4 replies)
... It may be bit odd for a woman to post here, but I know my husband would never do it himself. My husband was tired all the time, depressed, and had low libido (according to HIM, not me) We went to the doctor and along with abdominal pain, he mentioned this and she checked his testosterone too. VERY low. In short, he's been to the urologist and endocrinologist and his... (6 replies)
... With Total T in the 200's, being 31 and with symptoms, you need treatment. Don't any doctor tell you otherwise. The question is what kind of treatment. Your LH should be sky high for your T being that low. So most likely you are Secondary. Do you have ranges by chance with those levels? Now you need to find out WHY you have low T. Have you had a Pituitary MRI? If not get... (4 replies)
... Hello, I am a 31 year old male. I was hoping someone could help me with my lab results (maybe hayfarmer). I have all the symptoms of low test. My Testosterone has always tested low. After reading some of the stuff on this board I asked for some more detailed testing. It apears that my free/weakly bound testosterone is normal but my total is still way low. Also I am... (4 replies)
... Hi Hay, Here are the results I have: FSH=7.9 LH=8.5 Prolactin=4.9 Cortisol =8.3 Free T=6.9 Serum T=561 What is your read on these numbers? (18 replies)

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