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... Sounds like he is as dumb as most of them when it comes to this. ... (86 replies)
Aug 20, 2007
... Unless you have insurance in which case they usually will cover Androgel for the cost of your co pay and usually will not cover the compouned T.... FYI... ... (11 replies)
... With the cream being the very basic of raw ingredients it has to be cheaper to compound but there is a cost for the compounding service and the syringes but I bet its still waaay cheaper. ... (21 replies)

... the cost of androgel, which they cover. ... (4 replies)
... I will stick with it but I hate the thought of doing this the rest of my days. ... (4 replies)
Androgel ???????
Feb 3, 2007
... The real cost of AG is about $250 per month. Self injected compounded testosterone cyp by injection is about $25 per month total, same as co-pay. (2 replies)
... are trying to have children then suggest to the doc to try hCG instead of the Gel. It jump starts your testicles into producing more testosterone on their own. ... (7 replies)
... Actually I think injections are the way to go. I agree with you. For most men I have read about androgel just does not get T high enough. There is an advantage to androgel though in that it helps keep estradiol down compared to injections. ... (20 replies)
... Anyone ever heard of this? ... (13 replies)
... So far it has taken almost an act of God Almighty to get a straight answer on getting approval for compounding. ... (3 replies)
... If he started at a level of 360 that is probably too low for a 39 year old but it is within the lab range. Howver the lab ranges are for adult males of all ages from 16 to 99 to they are not relavant for a 39 year old. Androgel is extremely expensive if you pay cash for it. ... (30 replies)
... I found AndroGel and Andriol to be annoying because you have to take them on a regular basis. ... (14 replies)
... my testicles have not atrophied. The reason for my doctor prescribing TRT was because of a heart attack that I had several years. Testosterone is important for a healthy heart. The most sensors for testosterone are found in the heart. ... (14 replies)
... first of all did you get checked out by a DR? ... (2 replies)
... HCG might be the best for the doctor to start. It will try to make the testicles produce more testosterone naturally. Use Testosterone injections or gels only after the HCG has failed. The injections & gels will stop all production of testosterone & sperm production. It can make you sterile in the long term. Injections only cost about $15 per mointh when self... (2 replies)
... My next scheduled appointment with my doc is November, but I think that I will make an appointment to talk to him about T Cyp shots. I'm not having a lot of faith that going to even 10 gm of Androgel will do much better than what I have now. ... (8 replies)
... My cause is unkown and there a lot of people in my category. I do not have an adenoma on the pituitary that can be seen on an MRI and I do not have high prolactin. ... (19 replies)
Androgel ???????
Feb 3, 2007
... I have relative low levels of testosterone so my doc perscribed Androgel to help boost my levels. ... (2 replies)
Male hrt
Sep 10, 2005
... the price of AndroGel or testim. ... (3 replies)
... ry low testosterone. I'm embarrassed to even admit it. I wouldn't have known this until my doctor took blood and told me. In fact, I didn't even know the effects of low testosterone. He explained to me low energy, little or no sex drive, etc. ... (3 replies)

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