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... Well so far my company uses Aetna for its' insurance. Lets see Androgel costs about $300/$400 per month. Compounding costs $50.00 (for the same efficacy) My out of pocket cost/month for Androgel, $25.00 Aetna doesn't seem to understand "compounding" pharmacies. Their new formulary (the rules) says for next year they don't do compounding at all unless you are a self... (3 replies)
... Actually I think injections are the way to go. I agree with you. For most men I have read about androgel just does not get T high enough. There is an advantage to androgel though in that it helps keep estradiol down compared to injections. ... (20 replies)
... By the way, did the doctor prescribing the androgel tell you it would make you infertile and cause your testicles to shrink? ... (13 replies)

... Androgel costs over $250.00 per month, compounded testosterone gel is about $50.00 per month. It is applied just like AG. Available at any strength from USA Pharmistist on the internet with a doctors prescription. (14 replies)
... he pros and cons on the head. The only thing id like to mention is that you can get compound creams from a compounding pharmacy if your doctor will prescribe it. Costs are much less. ... (13 replies)
... Some peoples skin does not absorb gel well. I had to go to T-cyp self injections. It costs about $30 per month vs $280 per month for the gel or patch. (12 replies)
... Sad, but its true. Hypogonadism is a FULLY treatable disease, yet we recive awful care. Its ridiculous. Ill be writing some letters shortly to american society of endocronology,maybe to american medical association too voiceing my opionon. This has got to stop, doctors need to know how to properly treat this. But anyways Macdriver, not meaning to scare ya, just letting you... (13 replies)
... got was extreme highs. I know better now. What I thought was good for me ended up being really bad. When I get my numbers back down I need a very small dosage of Androgel or what you take. I would like to take a small dose injection like 50 mg every 2 weeks but I'm scared of injections raising the blood count. ... (24 replies)
... Ken, Fortunately, mine was willing to help with the trouble I was having with the gel. He mentioned Striant to me when I began, but I only knew of the gels and shots and chose Testim. Having a young son, spouse and trying to wear cotton shirts, the gel was a real pain for me. It's all worked out for now, I suppose. What is the significance of hemactocrit being high? I... (24 replies)
... I did some research on Striant and it all sounded good. Supposed to be good on not increasing the red blood cell count too. Besides the cost my Endo only does Androgel and injections. He would rather me bo Androgel but understands the costs. He doesn't do Striant. My wife gives me my weekly injections. ... (24 replies)
... I just want to let some of you know how much I appreciate this thread on androgel questions. I began on Androgel last November but the high costs after reaching the doughnut hole on medicare led me to getting injections monthly at a significant cost reduction. ... (12 replies)
... ry to find the root cause if it can be found. I know because he is my doctor. Often though the cause can not be found. In fact this is the majority of cases. Androgel is expensive....very expensive to pay cash for. ... (7 replies)
... Just looked at the box of Androgel again, four (ounce) pumps = 5g. I think that is what it is saying since 10g is eight (ounce) pumps. It costs me $58 for two bottles/pump device a month. If I needed to go up to 10g, that would be $116 a month. The idea of gel(s) to keep you consistently high at around 850+ng seems like a great idea, but the greasy feeling of... (41 replies)
... me is most of these docs don't even try to find out if something else is causing the low T so they can treat the real problem. Also I just don't understand the androgel thing. ... (12 replies)
... Before you begin any kind of therapy, it is highly advisable to have a number of basic blood tests done. This provides a starting point baseline from which when you begin TRT (if you do) you will be able to clearly see what is working and what isn't and what needs to be altered to provide optimum benefit. Also a PSA to verify you don't have an enlarging prostate which... (53 replies)
... I take Testim and its $456 a month (thanks to insurance I pay 20). the HGH I have to take is $1000 a month ( agian only 20 for me) (16 replies)
... Can someone give me an idea of how much HCG costs? My endo used the expense as one argument to go with TRT instead (haven't started either one yet). But my understanding is the Androgel costs about $250/month anyway. Is HCG much more than that? Thanks. (16 replies)
... I am not sure whose "Normal Level Scale" to use but 112 is low. I tried Androgel and it was ok. Messy and sometimes if I wasn't careful I would loose some as it slide right off my palm. ... (0 replies)
... My doctor has prescribed 5g androgel for me. He does not know much about estrogen, estradiol, lh, etc. My total T is 300 so he prescribed andro for me a week ago. ... (1 replies)
... I went back in to my doctor to discuss this and he now has me on 5mg androgel - $35 per month for now, but I am going off insurance shortly and will have to pay whatever it costs - the pharamacy said that is $290/month - I will need to shop that one around! The nurse who had previously called me with the results made it sound like the doctor was assessing me as normal, but... (4 replies)

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