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... I had an infection on the foreskin and was prescribed an antiseptic solution which I was supposed to use diluted with water but I mistakenly used it in the concentrated form. Ever since there is "waistline" around the foreskin whenever it is erect. ... (2 replies)
... At about the beginning of this year, I realised that I had phimosis, my foreskin was completely unretractable. After searching on the internet, I discovered how to stretch the foreskin opening and my foreskin is now fully retractable. ... (9 replies)
... Alright, anyone who is reading this, get ready. This will be a little hard to explain, but I'll try to be as descriptive as possible so I can help you help me. ... (0 replies)

... Thanks for the response. I've been trying to stretch for the last couple of days. I tried in the shower tonight and I could get the foreskin completely behind the glans.. ... (3 replies)
... Many men come to this site seeking help for tight foreskin problems. To avoid constant repetition I have tried to write instructions in one place. ... (1 replies)
... A frenuloplasty is the correct treatment for a frenulum breve if you are experiencing any discomfort due to the tight frenulum. If you don't experience discomfort then you don't need to seek treatment. Be cautious of doctors that advise circumcision. ... (2 replies)
... I've heard that the frenulum can also be fixed by stretching, however I'm not sure if it will in my case. My frenulum doesn't allow my foreskin to fully retract because half of it is white, thick scar tissue. I've heard that the scar tissue cannot be stretched, so I've considered getting a frenoplasty. ... (2 replies)
... If you look at my stretching instructions, a sticky near the top of this board, it mention two methods for stretching the frenulum. Some guys manage to stretch it fine while others have trouble. The cream will help with this too as it thins skin and makes it more stretchable. Try stretching first without the cream. ... (9 replies)
... en I'm hard I can't pull my foreskin away from my frenulum... If that tells you anything. Once I get half way it just gets tight all around and it looks like the frenulum is stretched as much at it can, but I'm not exactly sure but I just don't wanna end up hurting my self. ... (2 replies)
... My foreskin and frenulum are fairly normal, they may just be slightly borderline tight, but they are no severe case of Phimosis. ... (0 replies)
... ago, I noticed a "discolored ring" on the foreskin when it was fully retracted. The effect was curious, but at the time, not painful. Some time later, I started to feel pain on certain occasions. It was hard to locate the source of the pain, but it was triggered by sex and on "demanding" occasions. ... (6 replies)
... the right way to stretch it is gently. ... (3 replies)
... the tight frenulum can hopefully be fixed by gentle, persistent stretching. there is a sticky at the top of this forum, with stretching instructions. ... (9 replies)
... successfully BEATEN phimosis, I thought those who are worried about how it might go may benefit from my experiences. I've gone from a position of not being able to retract my foresking even 1mm, to being able to fully retract and use. ... (0 replies)
... What I have learned is that warm water soaking the foreskin does a good job to prepare it for stretching. ... (27 replies)
... im new to the forum and would already like to say thank you to everyone who has posted! ... (1 replies)
Tight Frenulum
Sep 19, 2005
... you can follow the sticky at the top of this forum on stretching a tight foreskin. I believe there is a section for a tight frenulum. yes, over time, you can stretch the frenulum, too, though it is not as elastic as the foreskin opening, typically. it requires more patience, and time. ... (2 replies)
... take a lot of pain. I made them give me codeine. Today, I am still bleeding. The doctor said mine was an unusually rough one, and a rare case, so I don't mean to scare anyone off. The good news is, it isn't cancer, it's an enlarged prostate, which is typical for guys my age. ... (11 replies)
... If this is the case, sometimes it can be loosened with stretching, combined with a prescription for betamethasone cream from your doctor. ... (11 replies)
... US, and mechanically stretch the phimotic ring. Or, you could have a slight circumcision, and have it removed. ... (3 replies)

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