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... on Thursday and my appointment was this Friday. I was pleased to be able to get an appointment with Dr. Crisler the following week. Dr. Crisler has a great staff. When I first got in Patricia asked if I wanted anything to drink. Kim also came and introduced herself and told me Dr. ... (4 replies)
... About treatment protocol I dont think Dr. Crisler would like it if i discussed that on the forums since everyone situation is different. But i will post my results after treatment. ... (4 replies)
... I'm swimming! He's actually said my low E2 can be more of a problem than my Testosterone as far as libido, etc. I'm going to talk to him about maybe doing the Crisler protocol and running HCG and T together to keep my testicles working. ... (6 replies)

... How do you keep the solution stable for long periods of time? It seems to me something like HCG is only good for a month once it is diluted. But if you get 500 iIU every week, that's only 2000 IU/ month and the vials usually contain 5,000 or 10,000 IU. (7 replies)
... The Crisler protocol I referred to was 250 iu on each of the two days prior to the next shot. ... (7 replies)
... changed as needed without actually visiting Dr. Crisler in person. ... (2 replies)
... im in nyc, i got my hcg script from dr crisler from michigan. will start hcg in a few days. i went to many doctors in nyc without much luck except one of them which also said i can start hcg if i wanted. ... (11 replies)
... I read few of your post in which you mention some about Reverse protocol that Dr Crisler use , can you explain in detail what exactly it is ? ... (7 replies)
... John Crisler and all his TRT routine protocol, very impressed !. ... (6 replies)
... i read dr. crisler's protocol and wanted to see dr. ... (20 replies)
... t have a major effect on your T and E2 levels but as orion said the only way to know for sure is to check them out. I think you are in pretty good hands with Dr Crisler so I wouldn't sweat whatever extra time it takes to get stable. ... (7 replies)
... I moved to Dr. Crisler in MI...long trip but well worth it. Guy is aggressive and available. I am meeting with him every month for review of labs and adjustments to protocol. ... (11 replies)
... Google "restart protocol" +/- names like "Shippen" or "Crisler" (13 replies)
... I've done lots of research lately and read people didnt really feel any long term benefits from trying a restart protocol. Maybe i didn't do enough research but My question is, is it worth trying a restart? Is there a certain success rate? How many people have actually been able to do a restart and have long term benefits? If it doesn't really have long term benefits then... (1 replies)
... Im not sure about Dr Shippens restart protocols but i know for fact Dr Crisler likes to attempt a restart if possible. Im on one of his protocols now. ... (86 replies)
... I can't imagine the doctor caring if you prefer to take shots weekly. I monitor total T and estradiol in monthly tests. Once you get your protocol settled you may be able to test less often. ... (82 replies)
Apr 5, 2008
... Thanks it is, the doctor I'm currently seeing is about a 2 hour drive away, so everytime I have an appointment, I have to take off from work. I've missed too much work already. Dr. Mariano is closer, but he is a good 8-10 hour drive. Unfortunaltely, traveling is not an option right now. Especially since there will most likely be many follow up appointments, as... (28 replies)
... having the same general problems, only gets real hard after a lot of stimulation. My T numbers are real low, last one was like 160. Right now i am on a restart protocol but im only feeling worse so when i talk to Dr Crisler Tuesday im requesting we start testosterone therapy. ... (4 replies)

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