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... ght, visiting my gf, where we did have sex. was a quick trip, with lots of travel, lots of walking, and a lot of sex. i got back yesterday and today discovered pimples on the crotch area. ... (5 replies)
... A few days ago, I noticed a fingernail sized bump right above my penis, around the crotch area. It's quite hard, and at first, I thought it was a pimple which I've gotten before, but after 2 days, the size hasn't really changed at all. ... (0 replies)
... hi i get the same thing alot of this can be a bacteria build up in the hair follicles around the crotch area and the legs, due to sweating, friction and not washing after sex. i to am very sexualy active with my girlfriend and get get little spots. ... (5 replies)

... after i sweat i noticed this rash or somthing that comes on my crotch and legs, they look like pimples but there wierd, when trying to pop them they hurt very bad and they bleed, i have no idea what it is (1 replies)
Jan 15, 2002
... ften boils are just plain infected pimples...and I have had them in that area and yes they are painfull. I am not aware of anything you can do to stop them...if pimples is all they are. I had one on the 'shaft' when I was about 15...hurt like hell and stayed around for about 2 weeks. It had to be a cm round and thick! ... (1 replies)
... well, from all appearances, they appear to be fading this morning. i popped one last night and it was just like a regular pimple. at least i think they're fading...still very nervous though, wondering if i'm wrong about them fading though. (5 replies)
... Sorry for the joking around its hard topic for anyone.. well i have had that problem before, a couple times the first time i tried leavening them alone and putting acne cream on them it took a while for them to go away. but you just have to put up with the fact that they look like big red zits. the second i just popped them and tried to pass it off as bad razor burn (didnít... (5 replies)
... That's what i am thinking, especially since there are only about 10 of them and they are mostly where my belt would be if i was sitting down. i was sweating a decent amount on all the planes too. any other opinions? how long should it take something like this to go away if it's nothing? i'm kind of freaking out here, so any help would be appreciated. (5 replies)
... :eek: theres WHAT? on your WHAT? LOL jk Id say just pop them and shower it off, im pretty sure your getting a bit to anxious over nothing. it was probably just the long trip and sweating from sitting so ling. The more your junk sweats the more moist your boxers are and itís a livening environment for bacteria. keep clean and dry and youíll be back to your regular spry self... (5 replies)

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