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... ish crust on some pubic hair. It is very spare but still strange. It is mostly on testicle hair and the inner part of my legs. I can't find anything on this and Im just wondering what it is. Ive never noticed it before. Thanks. ... (15 replies)
... I have this light colored crust on some pubic hair. It is very spare but still strange. It is mostly on testicle hair and the inner part of my legs. I can't find anything on this and I need advice. ... (1 replies)
... Sounds like dried up mashed potatoes. Do you always have this "crust"? Or is only after a sexual relation? If it only after a sexual relation w/ a person or your hand it could be just dried up semen. (15 replies)

... Could it possibly be pubic lice? ... (15 replies)
... I have the exact same issue for the past 3 weeks now... I think it's getting worse. It seems like the hair grows from the skin already covered tiny white crusty balls (as if they are dipped in mashed potatoes). I really hope it isn't an STD. I shaved off the hairs and try to scrape the white crap off the hairs (which hurts my nuts) but it won't go away! HELP! Does anyone... (15 replies)
... I seem to remember someone saying that it was a bacteria that grows ont he hair forming the crusty appearance. ... (15 replies)
... i think seeing your doc at this point wouldn't hurt you.This has been going on way too long and it really seems to be upsetting you.See your doc so you know whats up and can finally get it properly treated. ... (15 replies)
Pubic Hair
Oct 9, 2002
... Some of my pubic hairs get this white or light tannish crust on them. Its very sparse but its embarrassing. I think it might be from sweat drying on the hairs but I bathe twice a day. Any ideas? ... (1 replies)
... yeah i got this problem too. i've had it for about a week now. i cut the hairs in question as far down as i could (not very far because all i had was a pocket knife at the time) but it's hard to tell if that made much of a difference. i think it has to do with sweat and soap definitely doesn't get it off. maybe antibacterial soap will? i'll check back if i find a way... (15 replies)
... have the same thing. not related to either. cant figure it out. (15 replies)
... What about some good old fasion soap and water, I would use Ivory Soap because its "basic soap" be sure to rinse the area really well as soap can leave resadue also keep us up dated Keil (15 replies)
... Do you sweat a lot in that area? Does it have an oder? It may be "Pheromones" It's like a thicker type of sweat. It's produces an oder that attracts the opposite sex. (15 replies)
... trichomycosis axillaris (15 replies)
... Anyone? :wave: (15 replies)
... I shaved it all, ill see if it comes back. If it does should i get it checked out? Hope its not something serious, kinda freaking me out. (15 replies)
... Anyone? :confused: (15 replies)
... I did notice it after sex, but its been like a week and a half. I dont use any powders either. (15 replies)
... If you use too much men's body powder, like Gold Bond, it can do that. (15 replies)

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