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... Stop digging for a miraculous cure and start climbing out of the hole". Meaning there is nothing that can be miraculously done for me so I must not let myself get any lower. ... (26 replies)
... production possibly causing venous leakage. A couple studies cited reversal of the problem when guys were "boosted" from their low levels to the upper range of normal. ... (7 replies)
... I had symptoms of low T but they were all subtle and I just attributed them to aging...lower libido, anxiety, stress, concentration issues etc. ... (51 replies)

... You have perfectly healthy testosterone production and the blase way in which you say " long as I would be in the range I may as well be at the top of the range....." is just plain ignorant! ... (26 replies)
... Has anybody heard of any research being done to find a cure for Secondary Hypogonadism? ... (6 replies)
... thanx lalov well i went to my meet my doc on this saturday and i asked him shuld i go for estradiol test, i said i think im a secondary ypo case and he asked why u think so n i said i searched on net so i t sujjested to go for E2 test also, n then he said either you go with net or with me i think he took it seriouly n he said 1st let the reports come and then we will deside... (22 replies)
... ous. One thing many people may not realize is once you start this is likely for the rest of your life. In my case I was so happy to find I was low T and that I could take androgel that I was not cautious enough. ... (30 replies)
... my current libido is normal enough, but as with the total T number, I'd wager on the low, low end of things. ... (7 replies)
... on one tube my levels were around 500 two tubes 700-800. (sometimes close to 900 depending on the strength of the box. Doctor doesn't really beleave me when I say some boxes are stronger then other boxes.) (6 replies)
... I first tried androgel and it worked ok but I still had perios of weeks to even a couple months of ED issues. My T then was in the low 500's. ... (6 replies)
... you are hypo. being hypo will cause low T. ... (11 replies)
... You will have to ask her what she is looking for. If it is the hypothalmus you might be able to use clomid to trick it into sending more GnRH. But if it is the pituitary I don't know of any treatment to "cure" you. HCG can keep you fertile and if you can make enough T with it then thats all you need. Otherwise you also need to take T in addition to the HCG. There may be... (92 replies)
... But, you can not let that fact make you ignore that something is wrong and something needs to be done about it. The long term complications of living with low T are pretty bad. ... (25 replies)
... free testosterone percent 1.41 ref. range 1. ... (3 replies)
May 25, 2008
... Full Klinefelters is usually over 6' tall. Arm span longer that height. Small testicles, less than 1 inch usually. No active sperm. Low testosterone. ... (13 replies)
... There is no "cure". If you have Klinefelter's Mosaic you can get a compounded testosterone prescription from the doctor for the testosterone you need. ... (2 replies)
... oncerning. The pituitary is very close to the sinuses and in fact when the perform surgery to remove a pituitary tumor they go thru the nose to do it. As for a cure for hypogonadism, it depends on the cause. ... (13 replies)
... rm188, your new endocrine guy seems very knowledgeable and also listen to some of the advice of the guys on this board , especially hayfarmer, the guy really knows his stuff. in any case, i too was give TRT right off the bat without workup of any kind from my first endocrine, and since i was feeling so bad, such as fatigue i jumped at it , i did feel better but this was... (22 replies)
Hgh therapy
Dec 19, 2014
... Im 42 y.o. man and I found that I've got some symptoms of low testosterone. I became weaker, less hardy, the decline of sexual desire. I want to cure it but I'm not sure how much it is safe. I read a lot of information about that and some clinics are looks really trustfull. ... (1 replies)
... symptom of low T.....i had it bad....higher levels may cure it for you. ... (4 replies)

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