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... attempted to have sex. Somewhere along the way i felt pain becuase of my tight foreskin and i stopped us from continuing. The next morning i realized that i had cut my foreskin because we had tried to hard. ... (9 replies)
... I don't think i tore the frenulum. I that is on the underside of the glans from what i know. I can see the cut, it's quite big on the part of the foreskin that is facing me when i look down. my question reall was if this cut (after healed) will effect the result of the stretching techniques, and if the cut is something i should go to a doctor for (risk of infection)? And... (9 replies)
... at the end was basically related all to cortizone. He said he'd rather try this cream becuase he has prescribed it to others before. He said its to help heal the cut AND to try to stretch the skin. He said it has some antifungal cream mixed in. I'm to apply it once in the morning and once at night. ... (9 replies)

... As for the sex, its not the biggest concern. I want my cut to be taken care of. ... (9 replies)
... I don't know that particular cream but don't think it will be as active as the Betamethasone. I would have thought hydrogen peroxide would be a bit harsh on a foreskin but he's the doctor. Doctors who don't know about the action of Betamethasone tend to use a less active form of corticosteroid to avoid the side effects of te more active form. However in the skin stretching... (9 replies)
... yeah its just like normal skin... it probably has to do withthe angle at which the girl and i were engaged... from that angle.. the bottom was probably being pulled back more and that meant the top was being stretched against the glans... i see that as the most probable cause... does anyone kno anything about the cream that was prescribed to me? (9 replies)
... On re-reading, you don't have an adhesion. I have never heard of anyone tearing the upper side of their foreskin. I am wondering. Is it supple, like regular skin, or is it tougher and a little leathery? Betamethasone cream would thin the foreskin a bit. (9 replies)
... I;m not clear on exactly what an adhesion is, but if it is skin being fused/not separated from the glans as i assume, then i don't have an adhesion. I said i can pull the skin back all the way when im not erect, so that means there is no fused skin. (9 replies)
... You don't really have to worry about an infection. It is not a particularly infection prone part. Urine is sterile, anyway. You can try with the foreskin forward, with a condom on. It sounds to me like you have an adhesion, and that is what tore. (9 replies)
... If you wanted to have sex real soon, you should have started stretching a couple of months ago. You likely tore the frenulum. This will take as long as it will take to heal. There is no way to rush healing. No sex, no masturbation, until it is better, or it will just tear again. Once you have that under control, follow the instructions on stretching in the sticky at the... (9 replies)

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