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... But here is my problem. I am 19 years old, I kinda knew i had phimosis because my foreskin was tight and i couldnt pull it back all the way. I ended up with a girl 2 nights ago, and we attempted to have sex. ... (9 replies)
... Hello all, i am new to this site, and do not know if this is already a thread, so i apologies for redundancy. I recently had sex for the first time, a little late as i am 20 years old, but have been recieving oral sex, and all the other sub catergories since i was 17. ... (8 replies)
... Basically I stretched my foreskin too much when masturbating about a year ago. A stretch mark formed which is reasonably large 2 x 0.5 cm's. ... (1 replies)

... you can also get it from supermarkets. ... (4 replies)
Foreskin Problem
Sep 17, 2007
... I have been having problems with my foreskin for the past few months. I have always had a good, frequent sex life and its now becoming a problem. I think it may be 'Phimosis' or somthing along they lines. ... (12 replies)
... The kind of pain when getting blood circulation cut off. I can't pull the foreskin right back over the head though so it ends up hurting and crushing the tip and basically being "disfunctional". ... (4 replies)
Foreskin question
Apr 13, 2004
... too many times, too long, too hard, whatever. The next day, my inner foreskin remnant was swollen out to each side, resembling a snake eating a mouse! I got real scared, and stopped masturbating for a few days until the swelling went away. ... (6 replies)
... Hi guys, about 6 months ago while having sex with my girlfriend i ripped my frenulum. We we're having pretty rough sex, and we we're both really drunk. ... (2 replies)
Oct 16, 2006
... and easy operation. Usually done in a doctors office and you are hope in a few hours. You might have a little discomfort for a few days and will need to abstain from sex or masturbation for a couple of weeks. There may be a little swelling but it is usually gone within a week. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks for the info i've been using monistat for a few days and am already feeling better, though the skin is still a little swollen from healing, but it's looking better everyday. ... (8 replies)
... in my experience, if I masturbated or had sex, the frenulum tore again. it was not until I abstained from all activity, about three months, that it healed. once it healed, it never tore again. good luck with this. ... (1 replies)
... I don't get enough sensation during sex to keep me going. ... (4 replies)
... erect it's hard to get behind the glans and feels rather tight there. I have this condition for about as long as I remember, I think at least, and I have enough foreskin that I mostly never retract it except when flaccid to clean it. ... (0 replies)
This is crazy.
Sep 26, 2004
... I didn't realise you were having sex while this was happening. Are you having full on sex with girls or just mucking around with your mates? ... (99 replies)
... I am a 36 year old male who was circumsized as an infant. The foreskin adhered to the head as I grew older and at 12 years of age I had a "v" cut into the top of the foreskin to allow me to pull it back. As I matured and grew the foreskin became too tight to be pulled back due to scar tissue. ... (0 replies)
Help your sons
Sep 26, 2003
... Also, the foreskin helps prevent the loss of the female's natural lubrication. A cut penis scrapes up lubricatrion and draws it out into the air, drying it on every stroke. ... (16 replies)
Jul 15, 2010
... However, the tip of my foreskin has always been very tight around the head of my penis. ... (9 replies)
... of the world don't cut their children's penises. Another possibility, is that people can get confused about the terminology. ... (1 replies)
... stroke the entire length of his penis using the action of the skin gliding against itself. He can also use a lubricant if he wants to. The gliding action of the foreskin also acts as a lubricant during intercourse and the skin acts as a dam keeping the natural lubrication inside the vagina from drying out. ... (2 replies)
... month dry spell, and we do have sex on a fairly regular basis and, I'll be honest, it can get quite rough. ... (1 replies)

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