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... Those of us with foreskins have to remember to use extra lubricant when needed. Sounds like this is what you need to do when having sex in this positions. ... (1 replies)
... that a urologist has not even heard of the use of Betamethasone for stretching. He could at least do a web search. Just shows what we say about US urologists and foreskins is true. ... (9 replies)
Jun 30, 2001
... If there are adhesions, then it is likely that a circumcision is necessary. If not, then the use of steroid creams or a small cut at the entrance of the foreksin to dilate it is all that is needed. ... (5 replies)

... For me, I was always told to use clear water, and because boys' foreskins are often very tight, to rinse quickly and then replace your foreskin forward straight away. ... (13 replies)
Smegma Help
Jun 21, 2018
... In my ignorance at around 13 I didn't know foreskins even went back. I found out and started to try and it didn't even budge. ... (1 replies)
Semen ingestion
Nov 27, 2007
... ries, men spent most of their time having intercourse with their and their friend's and enemies wives and when not doing that were waging war and cutting off the foreskins of their enemies. Yea right, they were careful not to cut off the entire penis? ... (11 replies)
Oct 14, 2006
... newly circumcised males this is usually very sensitive at first until the glans dries out and the keratin layer on it thickes to compensate. All the skin can be cut away leaving it tight with no movement but this carries the risk of taking too much and making erections painful. ... (6 replies)
... Someone almost certainly damaged you by ignorantly trying to retract your foreskin before it was ready. There has been 100 years of paranoia about germs under foreskins and so much ignorance about them since so many are cut off in the USA and used to be in some other western countries. ... (6 replies)
... and fungus to grow. Yeast and fungal infections are often the cause of foreskin problems. Neither "Neosporin" or an antiseptic cream is any use unless there is a cut or tear that requires protection from bacterial infection. Otherwise either would do more harm than good. ... (1 replies)
... Hey bud, all of that sounds totally normal to me. I'm uncut too so I understand your equipment and what you're seeing there. No reason to visit the doc at all! I'm not really sure about that "line" can you tell us more about it, always been there, more visible when erect and stuff like that. As we age our penis skin may change color or texture, just like other places on our... (37 replies)
... To FrustratedGeeze: Stretching exercises for phimosis can be useful. GeoffB's link contains good help for this. I have helped a number of guys who had tight foreskins and they have benefited from stretching (without Betamethasone cream). Lance2 is a respected guy on these boards because of his advice about stretching and other matters. In your case, there seems to be... (39 replies)
... rd for a parent to know when to raise the subject. It is likely that your mother was not aware that this subject needed to be raised with you. If your father was cut he may not have known either. The good news is that it is not too late. ... (6 replies)
My Foreskin
Mar 17, 2004
... friendly doctor who won't want to cut you at the first sign of any foreskin problem? ... (6 replies)
Oct 19, 2003
... m, the need to do that and keep things clean under there. Some of us do produce more smegma than others and I'm not quite sure why. Never having had sex with a cut penis I can't compare the two. However, I will say that masturbation and sex with my uncut penis is incredibly pleasureable. ... (2 replies)
... now what...I really don't care...mine brings me all the pleasure I need and want. And whats with this "women prefer circumcised" penises crap. Simply put, most foreskins can be stretched so that they move freely over the head of the shaft and down the penis. ... (12 replies)
... was it because virtually all my classmates were circucised and I didn't realise then, that a piece of their penis had been cut off? ... (8 replies)
... s, and the neglect to tell their sons how to care for it. In Europe, where practically everyone is uncut, not teaching their sons how to clean and retract their foreskins is like not teaching their sons how to bathe. Its just a basic thing that parents need to teach. ... (3 replies)
Grow a foreskin
Jul 24, 2003
... If someone removed my foreskin, I would probably do anything to get some semblance of it back. I would have lots of time to do it, because I would be in jail for killing the person who mutilated me... :) (9 replies)
Grow a foreskin
Jul 23, 2003
... I'm not cut but I've seen sites where people do the stretching etc.. to get their foreskins back. The time, hassle and contraptions they use to get there are utterly ridiculous. Plus it doesn't look natural at all. ... (9 replies)
... With all this talk of men trying to loosen their foreskins, I thought I'd share my story of trying to grow mine back. I was circumcised at birth and was cut tight. Erections at times would almost tear what was left of my frenulum. Masturbation also caused frequent sores on the shaft of the penis from rubbing. ... (9 replies)

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