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Cut on penis
Nov 14, 2017
... While cutting my pubic hairs, i got a small cut on my penis by scissors, near where penis starts, tiny part of skin got ripped off from the penis completely, it bleeded very little just the cut got red ftom the blood. I have applied betnovate on it for the cut. What should i do? ... (0 replies)
... of my penis for the past several months. I have been putting Neosporin on it to reduce the chance of infection. The problem is that every time it starts to heal, I'll have an erection and the cut will open again. ... (3 replies)
Cut on penis
Mar 22, 2004
... i was urinating earlier and i noticed i had a small cut on my penis skin on the outside. its red and a little sore when touched, with soft scabbing. ... (5 replies)

... **It has become infected?** I would agree with hairier in that any triple antibiotic ointment should work for any everyday cut **but** if you think it is already infected you should see a doc for oral antibiotics as well. (4 replies)
... I got a cut on my penis somewhere around 2 weeks ago, maybe longer and am wondering if anyone knows about something I should put on it or if theres anything I can put on it to speed up the process? ... (0 replies)
Cut on the penis
Jul 12, 2008
... how to treat a cut on the penis (0 replies)
... after taking off a condom i noticed a cut on my penis has become infected, how do i treat it? ... (4 replies)
... I observed a cut on my pennis sometimes so I used penicilin. It healed it but at times the place scratches me and after the scratch it turns to wound. ... (4 replies)
Cut on penis
Dec 2, 2004
... If you dont you might have to get the Skin cut off, and that is very painful. very very. ... (5 replies)
... I would see a doctor. There is probably a better cream to heal the cut than Neosporin. ... (3 replies)
... It seems that when the skin heals, the two sides of the cut connect, making the total skin surface area smaller. ... (3 replies)
... What if you tried a small butterfly bandage to hold the cut together until it heals. It might help. ... (3 replies)
Cut on penis
Mar 27, 2004
... If you are sure it is just a cut, then keep the area clean and apply some antibiotic ointment several times a day. If you are sexually active, you may wish to have a doctor take a peek as it might be an STD. (5 replies)
Cut on penis
Mar 22, 2004
... A little antibiotic ointment might help during the healing (5 replies)
Cut on penis
Mar 22, 2004
... First of all, do you have any idea how the cut happened, you should watch it very carefully, you certainly don't want an infection in that area!! ... (5 replies)
Cut on penis
Mar 25, 2004
... he scabs a little black but the area isnt inflamed or sore, any ideas on how i should treat it? ... (5 replies)
... This is a little embarrassing but it's something that is increasingly concerning me. While out walking one day, I must have somehow cut the tip of my penis, literally right next to the Meatus. I left it for a couple of weeks, thinking it would heal naturally, but it didn't. ... (0 replies)
... Ok so here is my embarrassing situation. For a couple of months now i have been battling with a sort of cut on the shaft of my penis where it meets my testicles. It seems to get better but then always reappears. The skin around the cut and on the shaft gets very dry and flakey. ... (4 replies)
... seconds then goes away. It feels like I have a small cut on the inside of the head or something like that. I don't know if I actually have a small cut, it's just what it feels like. ... (3 replies)
... ly stingy sensation when i move go to the toilet for a pee or just day to day things so i checked in the mirror to see what it is i noticed a really tight little cut just underneather the penis head like sore and red. Just wondered through the itching could i have damaged that area? ... (0 replies)

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