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... I am really glad that this board has plenty of information on phimosis and stretching. If i had found this info earlier, maybe i wouldnt be in the condition i am now. ... (9 replies)
... I've read the stories of guys going from a severe pinhole phimosis to over the flaccid glans in less time than I've been doing this, so to see what I consider really no quantifiable progress is very disheartening. ... (0 replies)
... Sort of hitting desperation here... (I'm 30 y.o) I never had physiological phimosis. I injured my foreskin initially due to hitting my wife's Mirena IUD during sex a few times. We now suspect that her OBGYN may have left the IUD tag a bit longer than needed due to their technical abilities for it's future removal, and is not uncommon among OBGYNs. Those injuries snowballed... (0 replies)

... at the end was basically related all to cortizone. He said he'd rather try this cream becuase he has prescribed it to others before. He said its to help heal the cut AND to try to stretch the skin. He said it has some antifungal cream mixed in. I'm to apply it once in the morning and once at night. ... (9 replies)
Phimosis journey
Mar 7, 2014
... You aren't alone. Some men have phimosis and never have an issue with it. The problems that do occur are tight and painful erections, or, as you had, difficulty in climaxing. ... (1 replies)
... As for the sex, its not the biggest concern. I want my cut to be taken care of. ... (9 replies)
... is the first time that I've been able to pull back the skin. I don't know what to do about the cut, do I need medical help or is it going to heal like any other cut would? ... (3 replies)
... rks after i put it back in place. So why do they want me to get circumcision. It's like saying if a person can't walk anymore and is in a wheelchair, you have to cut his legs? ... (1 replies)
... Have you tried going to a Urologist? I use to have the same exact issue, and I ended up having Phimosis and had to use a cream (which worked). But instead of using the cream for the rest of my life, I decided to just go and get cut. my best advice would be to just go and get circumcised. (1 replies)
... Select the appropriate size pill bottle then saw a 1/2 inch circle, round off the edges for comfort and insert under foreskin. You can wear it under clothing without being conspicuous. Be careful when you stretch that you don't tear the skin. That will result in fibrous unelastic foreskin that will continue to tear when stretched. Consider having the phimosis ring... (10 replies)
... Hello all. I posted earlier on last week, but had a fairly vague description listed of my issue. It would be very much appreciated if I could an opinion or two on my condition. I have phimosis, tried the stretching, and saw improvement. However, I made the mistake of washing myself with soap, and thusly, developed a thrush infection. The infection began with a dull ache in... (3 replies)
... Of course some will advise you to get cut and a doctor in DC is likely to want to do that as a first option. ... (2 replies)
... and fungus to grow. Yeast and fungal infections are often the cause of foreskin problems. Neither "Neosporin" or an antiseptic cream is any use unless there is a cut or tear that requires protection from bacterial infection. Otherwise either would do more harm than good. ... (1 replies)
Jun 28, 2004
... u've got going on here. First, this has nothing to do with masturbation, nothing you've done has caused your foreskin to be tight around the head. It's probably phimosis in the diagnostic since of the word but being cut probably isn't going to be necessary. ... (2 replies)
... I don't think i tore the frenulum. I that is on the underside of the glans from what i know. I can see the cut, it's quite big on the part of the foreskin that is facing me when i look down. my question reall was if this cut (after healed) will effect the result of the stretching techniques, and if the cut is something i should go to a doctor for (risk of infection)? And... (9 replies)
... swelling, another cut later, ad infinitum. I was firm. NO FULL CUT. They relented and gave me what I asked. It was a wise decision. ... (3 replies)
... ound your age I decided to get this condition corrected. A local and respected surgeon looked at my penis and wanted a full circumcision. I wanted the foreskin cut loose from the head so it would function normally, like those on three of my cousins and others I had seen. ... (1 replies)
... Just a small cut or cuts is a really common symptom of thrush or fungal infections. Mostly you catch these in day to day life and they are easily fixed with a tube of cream. ... (6 replies)
Jul 8, 2011
... :) Couldn't have done it without your advices :) To get rid of the elastic band feeling, do I keep stretching it? Because the furthest I can JUST on the corona...and is my glans meant to go purple because it looked like it was cut off from its blood supply =/ (16 replies)
Jun 15, 2011
... Oh not at all :) After finishing, I do NOT leave my foreskin retracted :) I replace the foreskin to the normal position, however, there is still some sort of small gap where you can see the top of the glans. It is that top bit that is very sensitive AFTER masturbation, but before masturbation, it is just comfortable enough for me to touch and move the slightest bit with my... (16 replies)

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