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... Off and on for the past few months, I will every once in a while feel a very, faint, dull ache in the left side of my scrotum. First of all, I'm having trouble discerning whether it's in my epididymis or left testicle itself. ... (1 replies)
... Earlier I went to the doctors for my left testicle, which has a lump on it. My doctor thinks it is a Cyst on the Sperm Cord and that it is harmless, but I get constant Pain and it feels like worms in my testicles and sometimes it burns when I piss. ... (1 replies)
... I got an ultrasound and they found a varicocele (moderate size) and a epididymal cyst. So yay it's not cancer but **** I still got problems with my junk. (10 replies)

... Just writing an update in case anyone wants to know whats goin on or has the same situation. I'm pretty much feeling normal by this time. No pain at all really. ... (10 replies)
... have a hernia not the varicocele veins, but the only problem with that theory was when he checked for one it didn't hurt at all and he did say there was swelling in inguinal area... I really don't think that he was sure. ... (10 replies)
... could be some type of a cyst or beginning of a hydrocele but you are doing the right thing by going to a doc. A testicular ultrasound may be the next step. It is painless. ... (3 replies)
... Now I'm feeling a very faint ache in what appears to be directly coming from the cyst on the right side. Any ideas? ... (1 replies)
... for the night and I thought maybe it was gas or something weird from the food. My wife is a nurse and I called her shortly before I left work at 8 am and asked her what she thought it could be as the pain had continued for over 4 hours now without getting any better. ... (5 replies)
... one morning my left testicle was red and swelled up I also had a lump on left side. ... (1 replies)
Testicle pain
Mar 8, 2008
... Recently I've been experiencing some testicular pain in my left testicle mainly, but sometimes in my right. I've had testicle pain in both on and off for a year at least, but now it's a little more persistant over the last two days. ... (3 replies)
... I was first here when I was 15 years old worried about a lump on my right testicle, but soon after one appeared on my left testicle. Ultrasound was done and nothing harmful was detected. ... (2 replies)
... Sometimes they are hard to locate, but the one on my left testicle has got a bit harder over time. ... (2 replies)
... Sooooo lets get the story down, afew weeks i went to the doctors with discomfort and lumps in my "left" testicle! ... (0 replies)
... and although it's being left to my Doctor to give me the results, the person who lead the scan today said I have nothing to worry about. ... (4 replies)
... hinking it was is a hydroceile which is a soft lump. It is just basically a collection of water. They don't always know what causes them and they are very common in men. ... (12 replies)
... Have you felt for lumps, a lump you don't want to feel will be hard, pea size and painless. Could be similar to mine because in the early stages (few weeks ago) I didn't feel burning but now I do. And yes your mind will worry you so try to ignore that, I'd suggest just go to the doctor, if you don't feel lumps I wouldn't be too worried, probably just an infection... (22 replies)
... Help theres this small purple bump with a white thing in the middle on my left testicle yestarday was the first time I noticed it and had a stinging sensatin 3 times throught out the day but only lasted like 8 seconds then went away thats when i noticed that bump. It looks like an ant bite with a white head looking thing on it but cant seem to pop it. today is the second... (1 replies)
... It is always a good idea to have it checked. I have the same thing but on my left testicle. Mine has been there though sinse I was a kid. I was too afraid to have it checked out. ... (1 replies)
... Well the Testosterone Gel is what they do to increase T in our bodies when our own system isn't working right. He is looking at that to see. As far as the surgery I can tell you two things. 1. ... (16 replies)
... Again, I'm no doc, but it sounds like a hernia. I had one last year and had the same cydrical thingie sticking out on my left side. I could push it back in with my finger. ... (5 replies)

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