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... For instance where the pus was secreted? ... (2 replies)
... iend's penis. It's located on the underside of the shaft where it rubs against the scrotum. It was about the size of a black bean and was solid. It seemed like a cyst to me and from what we could find that seemed like a logical answer. We're both clean and have been tested so we're almost positive it's not an std. ... (3 replies)
... i removed the hairs but there is still pus coming out of these pores ever since, in small amounts. What do I do about them? ... (2 replies)

... this needs medical attention. to make it drain properly over time, it needs a wick. it probably needs surgery as well. a pilonidal cyst is a nest of hair, which grows in a circle. the cyst probably needs to be removed, before it will heal normally. ... (2 replies)
... Yes, it is more than likely a Sebaceous cyst. I had almost the exact same thing in the exact same location. I was too shy to go to the doctor, so I coped with it for a long time when it was still small and painless. Then one day I noticed it had grown much larger and became extremely tender. It just popped one night when i was laying in bed and it discharged a white... (3 replies)
... Also I should note I managed to pop a bit of it a few days ago and a very tiny bit of pus came out, but it did not change things at all. ... (4 replies)
... secreting glands of the skin get blocked more easily and the cyst forms underneath them. ... (2 replies)
... The only things to my knowledge that would do that are STDs. Chancroid causes a bloody painful cyst on the shaft (2 replies)
... I was tested and STD free back in November. In March, I had protected sex with a woman who I know gets around a lot. But she says she gets tested every few months and has always been completely clean. In early May, I noticed a smooth, small, hard bump on the shaft of my penis. After a few weeks, I went to a Dr., and she said she wasn't sure what it was, but it didn't... (2 replies)
... Yesterday I noticed there was a small lump under the surface of the skin on my scrotum. I have Fordyce's spots and also have had some tenderness in that region before. When I woke up this morning I noticed that the lump had gotten bigger, and also there was something resembling a blister on it (thin skin that appears to have pus underneath). This less usual for me and somewhat... (0 replies)
... i am currently overseas in the navy with limited access to a qualified doctor and have recently seen someone regarding what look cysts on my scrotum. theres 3 rather big bumps on the right side of my scrotum. the physician on base said they were ingrown hairs. i have had these bumps for at least a year or more and find it hard to believe theyre ingrown hairs. he said to pop... (0 replies)
... little hard bump of lump on my scrotum. The things I've tried so far was try and poke it with some sterilized needles thinking it was zit or something a bit of pus would come out and if I squeezed for a while dark red blood would eventually come out. The size of it would be almost gone after I let the pus and blood go. ... (1 replies)
... I've got a sebaceous cyst problem behind my ear and when I do weekly injections it will swell with pus and is painful and have had to have it lanced and drained.....fould smelling stuff too. ... (1 replies)
... I had one .. scared the crap out of me. When it was bean zize, I squeezed it .. nothing happaned. It got bigger, and bigger .. 3-4 days later it was huge, like the size of LARGE Olive .. I went camping, and it popped in the middle of the night. I missed the explosion, which I am sure was an "explosion" .. Dr gave me antibiotics, and now 4 weeks or so later .. its... (3 replies)
... Yes, I have and it was just an ingrown hair. Men do get those from time to time. Sometimes just a pimple as all. I've alway just use a bit of alcohol on a swab to keep it clean and then a bit of vaseline so it won't itche. After a few days it healed, saving me a doctors bill in the mail. Good luck! (3 replies)
What is it?
Sep 6, 2003
... most likely a boil, use can use hot compresses such as a hot wash rag let it lay on it so this until it come to a head when the bil breaks it will prob be a reddish brown color that is will prob look like pus and blood mix that is what is known as a sebacous cyst/ ie boil. (6 replies)

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