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... and because the skin is so loose on a penis I can feel it better. ... (4 replies)
... Also, as gross as it seems, if you are able to use a warm compress and get any more pus out of it, that which is in a cyst usually smells pretty foul. Just FYI. ... (2 replies)
... I went to the Doc and he said it was a skin infection, becuase apparently I didn't squeeze all the puss out of the boil and now it's stuck under the skin. ... (4 replies)

... ly swollen and delicate, stinging somewhat from the rareness. Now the swelling has gone down, the stinging has mostly subsided, but on the right underside of my penis a nodule, lump, bruise, cyst or I don't know what has remained, like there's some round tough tissue under the skin, or rather IN the skin. ... (3 replies)
... just below the foreskin when you stretch the skin out but hidden in the folds of the foreskin when flaccid. I think it may have become a little bigger in over the last few months since i noticed it. ... (6 replies)
Lumps on penis...
Apr 24, 2008
... When I was about 9, I discovered a small hard lump underneath the skin on the shaft of my penis. A few years later, I discovered another smaller one on the underside. I would say the larger one is about 3mm. ... (0 replies)
... The ache in the testicle is still there but not as noticebale because my penis now hurts! ... (0 replies)
PPP or Cyst?
Jun 8, 2010
... hmmm its actually on like the inside of the foreskinn right below the head of the penis, so when i pulll the skin all the way back you would see dots below the left and right side of the head of the penis, i would say right by that little line that the skin looks like it connects to the tip of the penis (4 replies)
Small bump penis
Jul 1, 2013
... On the underside of my penis I have this little bump. Very small. I've popped it about 20 times! In a week it always comes back and it's under the skin. ... (1 replies)
... When dealing with a skin problem on the penis, I have had much better luck with going to a dermatologist, than going to a urologist. ... (2 replies)
... If the "crater" has normal appearing skin over it, not raw or oozing, it is probably just a scar, a little divet created when the cyst popped and emptied out. I don't think it is cancer, since you have had it for years and it appeared after you popped a cyst. ... (5 replies)
... remember feeling it about a year ago when trimming that area and not thinking much of it, asuming it was an ingrown hair or something. It seems to be within the skin or just under it as I can kind of pull it up, it doesn't hurt to squeeze or push on. it is a sphere, maybe more egg like in shape. ... (2 replies)
... Hi guys. For a while now I have been getting these spots on my penis. Usually they are like ingrown hairs and they have pus in them - a while ago (maybe a year ago) i removed the hairs but there is still pus coming out of these pores ever since, in small amounts. What do I do about them? Today I noticed a quite large, risen spot on my penis and it was quite painful (I think... (2 replies)
... If you do not wash under the foreskin daily your glands can become infected. That is not a place you want a bacterial infection. Sweat, dead skin cells, bacteria, and debri will collect and cause a painful cyst eventually. You will have to get shots and the cyst will have to be lanced. ... (2 replies)
... I thought maybe it was a cyst too but didn't quite sound like it from what I read, I mean the thing was the size of a big pimple. Seemed too small to be a cyst unless I'm wrong. ... (9 replies)
... A cyst, is the most likely answer. Your doctor should know for sure. If it is a cyst, that is not particularly worrisome. (2 replies)
... Fordyce's Spots are a common skin variation in that area. They're like small, hard bumps on the skin. ... (2 replies)
... Could be a cyst. but I think I would be int he doctors office (2 replies)
Bump on penis
Jul 20, 2007
... Hello all, my boyfriend and I noticed a bump under the skin of his penis. I asked him to go to the doctor but he is nervous becasue he has several of these bumps on his forearm and on his chest. ... (0 replies)
... Even pimples look differently down their, because skin is different and these pimples tend to look like cysts. A simple pimple might seem a cyst, hard, white, under skin. ... (6 replies)

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