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... Ive noticed over the past year i have yellow bumps on my testicles, maybe about 12 or so, sometimes they become infected and large, I also have pearly white bumps on my penis, there is a lot of those, i read somewhere it could be sebaceous cysts. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! (5 replies)
Scrotal cysts
Nov 8, 2009
... ve some large white spots on my testicles, and have had these for quite some time now. I seen the GP about them and he informed me that they were infact scrotal cysts and that they were fairly common. ... (0 replies)
... He did mention an ultrasound about six years but I never went. He said he wanted to remove the cysts and not my testicle. Tetracycline used to work fine, but now it don't. I was thinking of trying a different antibiotic or a combination of two. ... (2 replies)

Testicular Cysts
Apr 22, 2007
... I went to my doctor to get a physical and figure out what the hell was going on when I found white bumps on my testicles. He then referred me to an STD specialist of sorts, who promptly informed me, much to my relief, that I did not have genital warts like my general practioner had originally thought. She has since referred me to a Urologist to see what I can do about... (0 replies)
Annual exam
Dec 28, 2004
... m the testes and that also contain the tube called the vas deferens.I then examine the testicles. It is important to note their size and any adjacent structures. Testicles are roughly 4 cm in length and approximately the size of a small egg. They should be smooth and their examination should not be tremendously uncomfortable. ... (11 replies)
... ok hi people ,im realy struggling here, dealing with alot of pain , my recent research has lead me to believe i have some form of priapism, but first my story ,its very long and spans over 2 and a half years now, im still no better off that i was when this all began and in fact, the pain is so much worst and sleep is now becoming a nightmare, but before that make any... (4 replies)
... The pain seems to be focused on the testicles themselves, though the pain itself seemed to instead come from the 'tubes' that connect to them. ... (1 replies)
... Ask your doctor about trying loq dose, 500iu 3 times a week, HCG to get the testicles producting more testosterone. ... (4 replies)
Left nut
Aug 29, 2010
... I had pain similar to yours for several years. The pain would radiate from my kidney to my testicles all the time. To make a long story short, I ended up having a testicular torsion. The other testicle was tied down to ensure no movement. ... (5 replies)
Jul 31, 2001
... Hi gina...glad this information is helping your hubby. The docs also put me on alot of pain killers, which made me sick and did not help the real reason im in pain. I had a ultrasound/sonogram of my testicles which they found several small non-cancerous cysts. But the doc does not think this is causing the pain because they are so small. Epididymtis is an infection kinda just... (7 replies)
Testicular cyst
Jul 26, 2001
... icular cancer. A cyst probably feels more like a "sack" filled with fluid and cancer more like a hard lump. As tough as this is, I'd try to do some research on cysts and learn all I could about what it is, how they treat them and such. ... (6 replies)
... I did have an ultrasound on my testicles and only epididymal cysts were found, that shouldn't cause pain, and no action was taken... ... (0 replies)
... i havent had them removed i have the same problem as you.i posted about it a little bit ago and have not got any relpys so far.did your dr talk to about haveing them removed and what to expet after?? did you have a utlra sound .i have in the past been put on antibotics and after that i still had pain.dr told me at the time that i would have to deal with it or have the testicle... (2 replies)
... I have had a lump in my one testicle for eight years now. It is above the testicle itself where the concentration of veins are. I went to the doctor three times to have it checked. Every so often they hurt like hell and I always get antibiotics which seem to help. Lately the antibiotics aren't that effective. Doc says he'd like to remove them. Has anyone had this operation... (2 replies)
Testicle Issue
Apr 2, 2006
... The testicles can be so sensitive, the pain just sounds like a mild discomfort due to your palpating them. ... (4 replies)
... my 2nd CT scan, taken everything from simple mortin to Oxycodone with everything in between... I have had all tests come back negative for anything wrong accept cysts on my testicles in which doctors stress they do not cause pain... I am around some of the best Hospitals too, UNC, Duke, and Rex... ... (12 replies)
... testicle, which has a lump on it. My doctor thinks it is a Cyst on the Sperm Cord and that it is harmless, but I get constant Pain and it feels like worms in my testicles and sometimes it burns when I piss. What else could this be? ... (1 replies)
... some about the size of a raisin. He went to the doctor's a couple of times and they have told us they were only cysts and not to worry about it. Has anyone ever heard of this or had it? ... (1 replies)
... ool with I also "clean the pipes" every few days. So I'm a little confused. If it helps, my doctor told me it might be weak muscles. I've kinda been wondering if cysts can cause an actual bulge in that area. Does anyone have any suggestions? ... (1 replies)
... ast..... It could have been so much worse. You're lucky, I don't know what you want us to help you with.....or I'd try to help you. As I've said, my partner has cysts on his testicles and it's not somethign that ever comes up. ... (2 replies)

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