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... fection. I was finally put on penicillin and my scrotum immediately broke out in an itchy rash which spread to my penis, inner thighs, and anus. I cured it with jock itch spray and was fine for a while. ... (1 replies)
Jock itch and sex.
Mar 18, 2009
... Hello, this is my first time on this forum. My boyfriend has had jock itch for about a week now and has been putting lamisil cream everyday after showering. ... (1 replies)
Jock Itch?
Mar 22, 2005
... it says on the tube "cures most jock itch" , i used it for about a week and it faded out , and i used it for another week to make sure it didnt come back and it didnt , and hasnt yet. ... (2 replies)

... o have been fighting a never ending battle against a rash around my genital area. I have read a few webs sites and feel reasonable confident that the disorder is jock itch. I have applied creams and powers and to be honest have had degree of success in addressing it. ... (1 replies)
... this is REALLY annoying , like ill hold off itching it than after a while you just get pissed and you itch it anyway to make the itch feel better, and im sick of it. I couldve been with 2 girls tonight but , what happened ? ... (4 replies)
... help me treat this problem. like i said they are not painful, itchy, no pus, no redness. but they can look ashy or whitish. but i need them gone but it not good. i notice when ever i sit down to use the rest area. when i look in between my leg i can see them with the skin discoloration. ... (6 replies)
Jock Itch?
Feb 5, 2007
... I've had jock itch many, many years ago and it was nothing like this. Still ... I wonder if this is a different form or something. ... (4 replies)
Chronic Jock Itch!
Nov 29, 2003
... Ok now I have gone to the Dermatologist and he says that its not a fungus. He says I have a condition called Intertrigo and Seborric Dermatitis. ... (5 replies)
... See, the Cetaphil lotion keeps the area too moist. So, it only promoted jock itch. I played sports all through my youth and never had jock itch. This is horrendous. I finally broke down and, much to my chagrin, went to my primary care physician first. ... (22 replies)
... Hey all, I to have be living with this horrible "syndrome" I believe it all started this past October 2008 with a case of jock itch, which I still do not know how I contracted it. ... (82 replies)
... He tells me it looks like jock itch, which is odd because I thought jock itch didn't affect the penis. He told me to start using jock itch cream. I've been doing so for the past 2 weeks now with little improvement. ... (0 replies)
... Ok, So, this is my first time on here, really am pretty good at 'fixing' myself to some degree. I have suffered from the following symptoms: Scrotum is very red and patchy (will get to why its patchy later) Wrinkly (which is do to the skin being inflammed) itchy at times but not often lately saggy So, i have read numrous, wait scratch that, tons of boards that are... (40 replies)
... is actually NOT very susceptible to fungal infections. As a matter of fact, all the M.D.s and research on Jock Itch fungus indicates that the scrotum is usually spared in cases of Jock Itch. ... (22 replies)
... So would you say this is jock itch? ... (2 replies)
... no to these questions, well you could simply have a case of jock itch, or a yeast infection. ... (3 replies)
... Update: I have now noticed red areas of my scrotum and little white scale like things, I showed this to the doctor and she had never heard of Red Scrotum Syndrome and stated I have been reading too much on the internet. I then proceeded to tell her that there are thousands of posts from other guys like me, she said I might have Erythrasma, let me know what you guys think now.... (7 replies)
... nder my foreskin and on my tip. I thought it was herpes and lost my mind, went for many checkups, and everyone told me it was not herpes but a yeast infection or jock itch, so i used the cream and the bumps subsided. My gf and I then used a condom for a couple weeks during the healing process. ... (7 replies)
... Hey all. Just to update you all on this side. I still have the itch and only so mildly, but the redness is gone. ... (82 replies)
... as in a mining camp room sharing with some weirdo and thought I must have picked up something. Maybe he used my towel or something. I tried the normal stuff like jock itch cream and anti fungal powders but noting made a mark on it. ... (3 replies)
... mentioned jock itch treatments at your local drugstore, and treating the problem with that to see if it goes away. ... (5 replies)

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