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... About two years ago I had oral surgery and went through several rounds of different antibiotics that I could tolerate and cure the resulting infection. ... (1 replies)
... I have been a member for 5 years. During those years I had jock itch everyday and night and was consuming sugar to bury my depression and lack of solutions by all the doctors I had seen. ... (0 replies)
Jock Itch?
Mar 22, 2005
... it says on the tube "cures most jock itch" , i used it for about a week and it faded out , and i used it for another week to make sure it didnt come back and it didnt , and hasnt yet. ... (2 replies)

... For the past several years I have battled the standard jock itch with no real cure. A few months ago I decided to get serious. After many normal treatments with little results. ... (0 replies)
Jock Itch?
Feb 5, 2007
... I've had jock itch many, many years ago and it was nothing like this. Still ... I wonder if this is a different form or something. ... (4 replies)
Jock Itch?
Nov 9, 2007
... i've had some brownish spots around my genitals for a few years now and they are not sore or anything...they are just like staying there..i heard it might be jock itch...if it is how do i get rid of it? ... (3 replies)
Jock Itch?
Mar 22, 2005
... I just recently noticed that my boyfriend has what felt like rough patches on his groin area, and he said not to worry about it (this was the first time i've noticed it) but he said it was jock itch and that he has had a problem with it for many years, and that there was nothing that really helped it, and he's 24 now so i dont' know if it's a big deal or not, but i was just... (2 replies)
... I am a 24 year old man. About 8 years back I had an infection of tinea cruris (jock itch). I got it treated and it has disappeared. However, the skin in the affected portion in my groin, including my penis, has become dark. Is there any method of bringing the skin back to the original color. If anyone has any info on my condition and suggested treatment . please reply. (0 replies)
... This sounds exactly like what I had a few years ago. ... (1 replies)
Chronic Jock Itch!
Nov 29, 2003
... Ok now I have gone to the Dermatologist and he says that its not a fungus. He says I have a condition called Intertrigo and Seborric Dermatitis. I am 29 years old and have never had itching in my crotch, and now I have been plagued for almost a year now with this awful problem. ... (5 replies)
... I need some help in finding out anything I could do to cure my problem. Since I was around 16 years old I have had jock itch. It is worse at night when I am relaxing before I go to sleep. I have went to doctors and it is not a fungus. ... (3 replies)
... per thight and groin area, then it would be possible for the scrotum to eventually become affected, even though the skin on the scrotum is generally resistant to Jock Itch fungus. However, if ONLY the scrotum is irritated, then there is a very high probability that you have scrotal skin irritation, NOT a fungal infection. ... (22 replies)
... Hey all, I to have be living with this horrible "syndrome" I believe it all started this past October 2008 with a case of jock itch, which I still do not know how I contracted it. ... (82 replies)
Burning Scrotum
Nov 7, 2011
... highschool he is a physician. I asked him out of curiosity if he has ever heard of anything like this red scrotum syndrome. He told me he suffered from it a few years back. He said his started with a new high power shower head and a case of jock itch. He had this shower head for a week prior to his issue. ... (43 replies)
Jock itch question
Aug 22, 2003
... I've had jock itch on and off for a couple of years. Some of the symptoms you describe are not what I have experienced. ... (11 replies)
... ike you wouldn't believe. I used some Excema cream on it, kept it dry, switched to boxers and used Gold Bond powder. It went away. Then during the week of New Years I started feeling stinging pains on my penis only when I got hard and while masturbating. ... (0 replies)
Jock itch question
Aug 22, 2003
... If you truly have jock itch, there are a lot of creams that are supposed to work. I have a whole drawer of least a dozen different kinds. None of them helped me. ... (11 replies)
Chronic jock itch?
Jul 14, 2003
... As a foreword, sorry that this answer is so freaking long, but anyone who has had chronic jock itch might like to read it all. ... (3 replies)
... I have had at least 4 small outbreaks of the typical Jock Itch... ring shaped, darker around the edges, in the crease of my thigh, right beside my scrotum, in the last couple years.... ... (84 replies)
... I had a horrible case of jock itch on my inner thighs when I was in college, and this feels and look a lot like that advanced case... ... (1 replies)

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