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... imilar arrive from something different. i knew it was a std my fiance is pregnant and they checked her for everything. so i went in to the local clinic thinking jock itch. looked and felt like it, but i had the bumps on my inner thighs too. he said staph infection from shaving the berries. so gave me antibiotics. ... (84 replies)
... as in a mining camp room sharing with some weirdo and thought I must have picked up something. Maybe he used my towel or something. I tried the normal stuff like jock itch cream and anti fungal powders but noting made a mark on it. ... (3 replies)
... Tried cortisone first night because of the intense itch but quickly realized that cortisone is a bad idea unless you are sure that it is appropriate, since it can make other conditions worse. ... (137 replies)

... I have had what I thought was jock itch on and off for years. The itching is unbearable. ... (6 replies)
Skin irritation
Jul 6, 2003
... hey, i am 14 years old and i have a skin irritation. ... (5 replies)
... My penis, particularly in the lower and right and left sides of my scrotum have been itchy for nearly five years now. I have not been able to figure out what is causing the itch. ... (0 replies)
... Hi, I found these forums looking for information for my partner. At this point, I have read most of the three threads on this topic, and have shown much of it to him (he's too embarrassed to post himself). It seems that his problem is similar to many of yours, but I'm not so sure this is of any comfort to him considering how long some of you have been living with this. For... (2 replies)
... I am 22 years old and about 2 months ago was diagnosed with balanitis. ... (0 replies)
... or jock itch or fungal infection. Didn't seem too concerned. I was told to use Lotrimin AF cream, which I used, but perhaps not long enough. ... (7 replies)
Red scrotum
Sep 29, 2011
... This forum pretty much sums my problem up. 5 Months ago The symptoms of a "red burning scrotum" began to appear and I treated it as jock itch having since gone through 5 or 6 tubes of otc antifungals. Lotrimin, lamisil, tenactin, generic clotrimazole and whatever the monistat for womens yeast is. ... (30 replies)
... Hi, Im 19 years old and have been having this problem for over a year now and need it gone!! ... (4 replies)
Chronic problem
Aug 20, 2009
... en Lamasil, then tinactin. Tinactin seemed to work the best, but the scrotum seemed to still be somewhat pink and wet, so I went to the dermatologist. He in 30 years had never seen this so, he did what most dermatologists do, they prescribe prescription strength anti fungal creams. ... (100 replies)
... I've had an irritation that has been more or less annoying for years now. ... (21 replies)
... d gotten married I woke up with red, itchy and burning testicles, the redness was clearly defined and at time travelled up my penile shaft, I immediately thought jock itch and treated it as such with over the counter steroid creams, this just burned it worse. ... (0 replies)
... how these problems persist... I have a feeling it is both psychological and lifestyle for me...but who knows. I often worry if I masturbated too much in those 4 years and I "used up" my erections. Or if there's something wrong with my "erection making" muscles. If this is the case, I do not know if there is any hope... ... (5 replies)
... I'm a few years older than you and have been facing the same problem for about the same time. My hormones also are within the normal range. ... (5 replies)
... g sensation in my bright red sack. The pain waxed and waned, but was always there. Out of desperation, I went to a second dermatologist that I had seen several years back but wasn't overly impressed with. Now I am impressed! He took a look and immediately told me I have neurodermatitis. ... (22 replies)
... We have been together for 4 years and don't have any std's. We both have been tested numerous times. ... (3 replies)
... from doing every day activities utility I apply. I am a regular healthy guy and in shape. I hope someone can help me out maybe recommend something. I have tried jock itch cream before on it but it didn't seem to help much. Thank you and hope to get some answers soon I'm losing my mind! ... (3 replies)
... mild itching on the scrotum. If the skin ever flared up or became red, I was able to keep it under control with OTC cortizone cream. I had always assumed it was jock itch. ... (3 replies)

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